House Ryswell
House Ryswell of TBD
House Ryswell
Head of House: Eddara Ryswell
Title Lord/Lady of the Rills
Predecessor: Lord Rickard Ryswell
Heir: Lord Robb Ryswell
Colors: Black, red, bronze
Seat: TBD
Region: The North


The Ryswells are not the original Lords of the Rills; but let us cast a veil over those difficult times.

They are loyal vassals of Winterfell, who have often intermarried with the Starks; they breed superb coursers, the north's best warhorses; from their seat between the barrowlands and the Stony Shore they are the north's first line of defense against Ironborn reavers, a responsibility they address with the utmost seriousness.

The present head of the family is a woman, Eddara Ryswell, who became her father's heir after the deaths of not only his only son but his eldest daughter. The Rills is not unsatisfied with her: there's many a man-at-arms who'd have had her the heir all along, son or no son…

Family Tree

  • Robb Ryswell, Lord of the Rills (b. 26 AC, d. 75 AC)
  • (m. 45 AC) Elvira Stark (b. 28 AC, d. 108 AC)
    • Rickard Ryswell, Lord of the Rills (b. 46 AC, d. 108 AC)
    • (m. 69 AC) Annnalys Manderly (b. 53 AC)
      • Bethany Ryswell (b. 77 AC, d. 105 AC)
      • (m. 97 AC) Ser Lucas of House TBD (b. 72 AC, d. 114 AC)
        • (no issue)
      • Eddara Ryswell, Lady of the Rills (b. 79 AC)
      • (m. 105 AC) Ser Lucas of House TBD (b. 72 AC, d. 114 AC)
        • Robb Ryswell, Heir to the Rills (b. 106 AC)
        • Bethany Ryswell (b. 107 AC)
        • Rickard Ryswell, a novice at the Citadel (b. 114 AC)
      • Lysanna Ryswell (b. 83 AC)
      • (m. 99 AC) Lord TBD of Northern House TBD
        • (five children)
      • Brandon Ryswell (b. 86 AC, d. 101 AC)
      • (m. 100 AC) Sendra Manderly (b. ?? AC)
    • Tavion Ryswell (b. 50 AC, d. 98 AC)
    • (m. 97 AC) Jeyne Bolton (b. 78 AC)
      • Rodrik Ryswell (b. 97 AC)
        • (no known issue)
      • Della Snow (b. 83 AC), Tavion's daughter by a camp follower (recognised)
        • Aryana Snow (b. 107 AC), her daughter by Ser Lucas of House TBD (unrecognised)
      • Arrec Snow (b. 94 AC), Tavion's son by a tavern wench (recognised)
      • (assorted other bastards of Tavion's)

Current Members

Family Members

These characters bear the House's name, either by birth or by marriage.



These characters are a part of the House but do not bear the House's name. These include wards/hostages, sworn swords, house maesters, and other servants.

Blood Relations

These characters are tied to the House by blood but not by name. These include ladies who were born to the House but have married into another and any children they might have, as well as bastards who are not a part of the household.

Political Relations


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