House Redwyne
House Redwyne of The Arbor
House Redwyne
"Words Unknown"
Head of House: Luthor Redwyne
Title Lord of the Arbor
Predecessor: Luthor's Father
Heir: Lucas Redwyne
Colors: Blue and Purple
Seat: The Arbor
Region: The Reach


House Redwyne is the one of the wealthiest houses in the Reach and one of the most powerful, and it is no small wonder: their vintners produce the finest of wines in the Seven Kingdoms, and is highly sought after even beyond the Narrow Sea. The Arbor's ports, as well as overflowing with trade, are also home to some of the finest shipbuilders in the land. Their fleet boasts close to two hundred war galleys, and around five time that number of merchant vessels, making them the chief source of strength in the Tyrell's fleet.

Family Tree

This family tree is currently a work in progress and is subject to change.

  • Luthor Redwyne, Lord of the Arbor, age 58. Less active in the ruling of his holding since the deaths of more then half his children. NPC
    • Deceased Lady Redwyne, Luthor's first wife, died while giving birth to a stillborn child in 105 A.L. RIP
      • Alysanne Redwyne, Luthor's eldest daughter, married to a noble, died in childbirth in 119 A.L. RIP
      • Lia Redwyne, Luthor's eldest surviving daughter, age 35, Lady of Blackcrown. NPC
      • Josua Redwyne, Luthor's eldest son, was thrown from his horse into the Honeywine River while out hunting with his cousin Brennan Redwyne, and drowned in 119 A.L. RIP
      • Alicent Redwyne, Luthor's daughter, married to a noble, died in childbirth in 119 A.L. RIP
      • Lucas Redwyne, Luthor's only surviving son, betrothed to a lady of House Stark. PC
      • Ilysabeth Redwyne, Luthor's youngest surviving daughter, age 17, staying in Oldtown with her elder sister while seeking an alliance through marriage. PC
    • Lady Redwyne, Luthor's second wife, age 30. NPC
      • Helyna Redwyne, Luthor's daughter, died at sea in 119 A.L. RIP
      • Leo Redwyne, Luthor's son, died at sea in 119 A.L. RIP
      • Leyton Redwyne, Luthor's youngest son, died at sea in 119 A.L. RIP
      • Elinor Redwyne, Luthor's youngest, daughter died at sea in 119 A.L. RIP
  • Luthor's Brother, Luthor's brother, age 57. NPC
    • Tyrell Lady, Luthor's brother's wife. NPC
      • Nika's siblings, possibly several. Available for Play
      • Anika Redwyne, Luthor's niece, age 18, recently wed to Brynden Hightower. PC
  • Luthor's Cousin, a lesser Redwyne with a small estate in Oldtown, dead. RIP
    • A Noble Lady, wife to Luthor's Cousin, fate unknown.
      • Brennan Redwyne, second cousin to the main Redwyne line, died while attempting to rescue Josua Redwyne from drowning in 119 A.L. RIP
        • Thessa Tyrell, Brennan's wife, a distant cousin of Lord Lorant Tyrell and first cousin of Leyra Tyrell, mother to Vaelinor Targaryen, who she took in after Leyra's death. NPC

Current Members

Family Members

These characters bear the House's name, either by birth or by marriage.

Ilysa Lucas Valerity


These characters are a part of the House but do not bear the House's name. These include wards/hostages, sworn swords, house maesters, and other servants.

Blood Relations

These characters are tied to the House by blood but not by name. These include ladies who were born to the House but have married into another and any children they might have, as well as bastards who are not a part of the household.


Political Relations

  • House Tyrell: House Redwyne is a sworn banner of House Tyrell, and enjoy very cordial relations with them, both by the marriage of Luthor Redwyne's brother to a Tyrell, and by virtue of the fact that House Redwyne is one of the most important banners that House Tyrell has. Not only does House Redwyne's ships make up the majority of the Reach's fleet, but Arbor wine is one of the most sought-after vintages not only in the Seven Kingdoms, but beyond her shores as well. As such, House Tyrell has always held House Redwyne close to their bosom, and that is not likely to change anytime soon.
  • House Bulwer: House Redwyne and House Bulwer are tied by marriage through the union of Luthor Redwyne's eldest surviving daughter, Lia Redwyne and the Lord of Blackcrown, Mark Bulwer. For the last twenty years this alliance has held strong and the two houses have shared very cordial relations. Should either ever require it, there is little doubt that the other would provide military support.


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