House Martell
House Martell of Dorne
House Martell
"Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"
Head of House: Amarei Nymeros Martell
Title Princess of Dorne, Lady of Sunspear
Predecessor: Amarei's Father
Heir: Torren Nymeros Martell
Colors: Orange, Red, and Gold
Seat: Dorne
Region: Dorne


Descended from Mors Martell and the warrior queen of the Rhoynar, Nymeria, the House's full name is House Nymeros Martell, to honor both of these great figures. The union of these two legendary figures bound the Andals of Dorne to the Rhoynish refugees, and gave birth to the Dorne that exists today, an amalgamation of both cultures. Known as Prince or Princess rather then King, in honor of the Rhoynar tradition, the rulers of Dorne have kept themselves and their people independent against the Targaryen kings, and remain so to this day.

Family Tree

  • Amarei Nymeros Martell, Princess of Dorne (b. )
  • (m. before 80) a lord of House Toland (b. )
    • Aleona Nymeros Martell (b. 80, d. 94 of a fever)
    • Ser Maron Nymeros Martell (b. 82, d. 107 in a tourney mishap)
    • Torren Nymeros Martell, heir to the Dornish throne (b. 87)
    • (m. 111) Kella Blackmont (b. 93, d. 121 in the massacre of the Red Rookery)
    • (m. 122) Visenya Targaryen (b. 101)
      • Aliandra Nymeros Martell (b. 123)
    • Ellia Nymeros Martell, Alaryn's twin (b. 93)
    • (m. ) Ser Osric Dayne, called the Sword of the Morning (b. 90, d. 121),
      • (two children)
    • Alaryn Nymeros Martell, Ellia's twin, called the Crimson Raptor (b. 93)
    • Mariya Nymeros Martell (b. 103)
  • (an Orphan of the Greenblood)
    • Alia Sand (b. 102)
  • Quentyn Nymeros Martell, Amarei's trueborn brother (b. )
  • (m. 94 AC) Taslyn Yronwood (b. 77)
    • Ashara Nymeros Martell, called the Black Widow of Dorne (b. 96, d. 121)
    • (m. 111) Ser Jaesin Vaith (b. , d. 115 of an adder's bite, in bed with his paramour)
      • Elaina Vaith (b. 113, d. 117 trampled by a horse)
    • (m. 115) Neryn Uller (b. 45, d. 115 in his sleep)
    • (m. 119) Ser Berion Dayne (b. , d. 120 of the plague)
      • Jaremy Dayne (b. 120, d. 120 of the plague)
  • (an unknown woman)
    • Rashad Sand, called the Glutton Snake (b. 93) Roster?
  • Rymelia Nymeros Martell, Amarei's trueborn sister (b. )
  • (m. 86) Ser Elyas Yronwood, Lord of Yronwood (b. 68)
    • Ser Darius Yronwood, heir to Yronwood (b. 87)
    • Daena Yronwood (b. 99)
  • Obella Nymeros Martell, Amarei's trueborn sister (b. , d. 97 in childbed)
  • (m. ) Madyn Qorgyle
    • Emira Nymeros Martell (b. 97)
  • Idara Sand, Amarei's bastard sister (b. )
  • (p.) Landro Allyrion, a powerful noble at odds with House Martell (b. )
    • Thania Sand, (b. 95)
    • (several other children)
  • Auberyn Nymeros Martell, Amarei's youngest trueborn brother, called the Perfumed Prince (b. 75)
    • (m. 97) Calira Dalt (d. 103 in childbed)
      • a daughter (b. 98)
      • a son (b. 99)
    • (m. 106) Amanira Essatis, the daughter of a Lyseni magister (d. 114 by suicide)
    • (m. 123) Joyeuse Hastwyck (b. 84)
      • Mors Nymeros Martell (b. 124, the elder twin)
      • Garth Nymeros Martell (b. 124, the younger twin)

And not forgetting:

  • Ser Anrio Nymeros Martell, called the Red Scorpion, a first cousin twice removed of Princess Amarei and her siblings (b. 98)
  • 'Shadi' Nymeros Martell, a Martell cousin and warrior princess (may slot in somewhere above, if anyone wants to claim her as a direct relative speak to Daevon) (b. late 90s, early 100s)

Current Members

Family Members

These characters bear the House's name, either by birth or by marriage.

Alaryn Anrio Ashara Auberyn Emira Joyeuse Mariya Torren Visenya


These characters are a part of the House but do not bear the House's name. These include wards/hostages, sworn swords, house maesters, and other servants.

Alia Lara Nadira Thania Vynesa

Blood Relations

These characters are tied to the House by blood but not by name. These include ladies who were born to the House but have married into another and any children they might have, as well as bastards who are not a part of the household.

Daena Darius Ellia Varys

Political Relations


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