House Hightower
House Hightower of Oldtown
House Hightower
"We Bring the Light"
Head of House: Otto Hightower
Title Lord of the Hightower, Voice of Oldtown, Lord of the Port, Defender of the Citadel, Beacon of the South
Predecessor: Otto's father
Heir: Ormund Hightower
Colors: Grey and White
Seat: Oldtown
Region: The Reach


House Hightower of the Hightower of Oldtown is one of the most important and powerful vassals of House Tyrell. They posses a Valyrian Steel sword called Vigilance. Members of the house are considered loyal and stalwart. The Hightowers can be legitimately referred to as being either "of Hightower" or "of Oldtown."

The family is very old, existing since the Dawn of Days when they were petty-kings. Their stalwart neutrality in conflict has seen them prosper and able the keep their wealth, lands and privileges. They were integral in the foundation of the Citadel and continue to be patrons of both the Citadel and the Faith. House Hightower is as rich as House Lannister and can field three times as many swords as other Tyrell bannermen.

This is a shining era for this house that Lights the way. Their Lord Otto is Hand of the King, Otto's eldest daughter Alicent is Queen of Westeros. Oldtown is the seat of the Faith of the Seven and of Education as it is where The Citadel is located.

Family Tree

This family tree is currently a work in progress and is subject to change.

  • Quenton and Juliya Hightower, Runcel's parents, grandparents of Otto. RIP
      • Runcel and Leyla Hightower, Otto's parents. Runcel eventually took the Black (joined the Brotherhood of the Watch) and nearly started some major unrest at the wall when he tried to turn the Lord Commander position into something hereditary by trying to bequeath his bastard son, who also was a member of the Watch. RIP
  • Otto Hightower, Lord of Hightower and Hand of the King, presently in King's Landing. NPC
    • Annette Hightower (Tully), Otto's wife, presently in King's Landing. NPC
    • Ormund Hightower, son of Otto and Annette, Heir of House Hightower, Castallan and Acting Lord of Oldtown. Married to Lynesse Hightower. PC
      • Juleen Lannister, Ormund's first wife. Died in childbirth. RIP
        • Lionyl Hightower, Ormund and Juleen's only son, future heir of Hightower. NPC
    • Lynett Beesbury (Hightower), daughter of Otto and Annette. She lives in Honeyholt as Lady Beesbury. NPC
      • Alan Beesbury, Lord of Honeyholt and Head of House Beesbury. Husband to Lynett. NPC
        • Tylerra Beesbury, daughter of Alan and Lynett. NPC
    • Elric Hightower, son of Otto and Annette. Knight. PC
    • Gwayne Hightower, youngest son of Otto and Annette. Lord Commander of the City Watch. PC
    • Marsei Hightower, daughter of Otto and Annette. She is the widow of Jarvas Fossoway, brother of Lord Owen Fossoway, who died suddenly. PC
    • Culler Hightower, son of Otto and Annette. Exiled. PC
    • Valora Hightower, fourth daughter and youngest child of Otto and Annette. PC
  • Olyvar Hightower, son of Runcel and Leyla. Knight and previous Master of Laws. Died of the black sickness. RIP
  • Orland Hightower, youngest son of Runcel and Leyla. Knight and Hightower Master of Coins. Was married to a Florent lady, who died. PC
  • Petyr Hightower, Otto's uncle. NPC
      • Olenna Tyrell, Petyr's wife. NPC
        • Hobert Hightower, Petyr and Olenna's son. NPC
        • Gerold Hightower, Petyr and Olenna's son. NPC
        • Brynden Hightower, Petyr and Olenna's son. Knight. Married to Anika Redwyne. PC
        • Lillian Hightower, Petyr and Olenna's only daughter. PC
    • Valerity Redwyne, niece of Ormund and Juleen. PC
  • Oresund Hightower, NPC
    • Millicent Hightower, Oresund's wife. NPC
      • Braddock Hightower, son of Oresond and Millicent, Knight. RIP
  • Casana Hightower, NPC
    • Perros Arryn, Casana's husband. NPC
      • Harrold Arryn, son of Casana and Perros. Knight. PC
  • Lynesse & Lynette Hightower, daughters of Otto's cousin and a Frey wife, identical twin sisters. Lynesse is married to Ormund. PCs

Current Members

Family Members

These characters bear the House's name, either by birth or by marriage.

Braddock Brynden Elric Gwayne Lillian Lionyl Lynesse Lynesse Lynette Malena Marsei Nika Olyvar Orland Ormund Samael Valora


These characters are a part of the House but do not bear the House's name. These include wards/hostages, sworn swords, house maesters, and other servants.

Alysanne Arwyn Camillo Flox Valerity

Blood Relations

These characters are tied to the House by blood but not by name. These include ladies who were born to the House but have married into another and any children they might have, as well as bastards who are not a part of the household.

Bryony Harrold Josanne Margot

Political Relations


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