House Dalt
House Dalt of Lemonwood
House Dalt
"Words Unknown"
Head of House: Ronin Dalt
Title Knight of Lemonwood
Predecessor: Leon Dalt
Heir: Harden Dalt
Colors: Yellow and Purple
Seat: Lemonwood
Region: Dorne


House Dalt is a knightly Dornish house, it's seat, Lemonwood is located to the south of the Greenblood, not too far from Sunspear's Shadow City

Family Tree

  • **
  • Ser Ronin Dalt, Knight of Lemonwood
  • Lorena Gargalen(Dalt) Sister, married to Lord Ander Gargalen
  • Ser Harden Dalt, Heir to Lemonwood

Current Members

Family Members

These characters bear the House's name, either by birth or by marriage.



These characters are a part of the House but do not bear the House's name. These include wards/hostages, sworn swords, house maesters, and other servants.

Blood Relations

These characters are tied to the House by blood but not by name. These include ladies who were born to the House but have married into another and any children they might have, as well as bastards who are not a part of the household.

Political Relations


  • House Martell - As loyal bannermen of House Martell, House Gargalen recognizes the ruling House of Dorne as their monarchs.
  • House Gargalen - House Gargalen has favored status in Lemonwood as the two families are intertwined by multiple marriages.
  • House Santagar - Lemonwood has long gone out of its way to help its fellow knightly house, so much that they have multiple marriages that bind the two together.
  • House Jordayne - The Knight of the Lemonwood, Ser Ronin was a childhood friend of Lady Jordayne's.


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