House Bulwer
House Bulwer of Blackcrown
House Bulwer
"Death Before Disgrace"
Head of House: Mark Bulwer
Title Lord of Blackcrown
Predecessor: Trenton Bulwer
Heir: Mark's son
Colors: Blood Red and Bone White
Seat: Blackcrown
Region: The Reach


The sigil of House Bulwer is the bull, bone on blood. It is not a pretty flower, or apple, or bee. It is a symbol of their strength and the length they will go to in pursuance of their duty. Their words, Death Before Disgrace, is another stark reminder of this. The men of the house are, down to the last, meant to be knights and warriors whose swords are destined to smite their enemies and those of the Hightowers, and their shields are for the protection of their house and their liege, rather than themselves. As for the women born into this house, theirs is the traditional role of noblewomen in Westeros - it is their duty to marry well and secure alliances, so that House Bulwer will always have friends both in peace and war. It has always been a point of pride that among Bulwer women, there are none willing to abandon this duty, for though they do not take up blade and shield in defense of their House and that of House Hightower, theirs is still a solemn role that is just as important and must not be shirked for any foolish notions of love or selfishness.

Family Tree

  • Jonah 'Blackbull' Bulwer, Lord of Blackcrown, killed by Grodan Greyjoy in 84 A.L. RIP
    • Merricent Tyrell, Jonah's wife, taken to wife by Grodan Greyjoy after the death of her husband. NPC
  • Trenton Bulwer 'the Golden Bull', Lord of Blackcrown, Jonah's brother, killed in a duel by Furio Vielo in 95 A.L. RIP
    • Clara Costayne, Trenton's wife, age 55, took vows as a Silent Sister after the death of her husband. NPC
      • Mark Bulwer, Trenton's son, age 40, Lord of Blackcrown, a pragmatic lord and knight. NPC
        • Lia Redwyne, Mark's wife, age 35, Lady of Blackcrown, eldest surviving daughter of Lord Redwyne. NPC
          • Mark's children, between the ages of twenty and ten. Available for Play
      • Owen Bulwer, Mark's brother, age 36, a knight. Available for Play
      • Elyn Bulwer, Mark's sister, age 31, a married lady. Available for Play
      • Victor Bulwer, Mark's brother, age 28, a knight with exceptional skill in the bow, betrothed to Jessamine Tarly. PC
      • Mordane Bulwer, Mark's sister, age 26, once called the Golden Calf for her unparalleled beauty, now disfigured by an injury. PC
      • Rona Vielo, Mark's illegitimate half-sister, age 25, raised and trained by her Braavosi father Furio Vielo after they fled to Braavos, following the death of Trenton Bulwer. PC
  • Harrian Bulwer 'the Bloody Bull', Jonah and Trenton's brother, age 58, a knight who has earned his byname many times over and swore vengence on Furio Vielo and his line when Trenton was killed. NPC

Family Members

These characters bear the House's name, either by birth or by marriage.

Mark Mordane Victor


These characters are a part of the House but do not bear the House's name. These include wards/hostages, sworn swords, house maesters, and other servants.

Blood Relations

These characters are tied to the House by blood but not by name. These include ladies who were born to the House but have married into another and any children they might have, as well as bastards who are not a part of the household.

Political Relations

  • House Hightower: House Bulwer have long been loyal bannermen to House Hightower and enjoy very cordial relations with them. They are afforded a permenant set of suites within the High Tower for when the Lord of Blackcrown attends court in Oldtown.
  • House Redwyne: House Bulwer has strong ties with House Redwyne through the marriage of Lord Mark Bulwer to the Lady Lia Redwyne. Her dowry was generous and afforded House Bulwer wealth and lucrative trading contracts. The two houses maintain very cordial relations to this day, and would likely afford each other military support if ever required.
  • House Costayne: Another bannerhouse of House Hightower, House Costayne was tied to Bulwer through the marriage of Lord Trenton Bulwer and Lady Clara Costayne. After the scandal of Clara's affair and the death of Trenton at the hands of her Braavosi lover, however, relations have chilled considerably between the two houses, at least on the surface - Lord Mark does still have Costayne blood in his veins, after all.


80 A.L.

  • Mark Bulwer is born to Trenton Bulwer and his new wife Clara.

84 A.L.

  • Lord Jonah Bulwer marries Merricent Tyrell early that year through clever plots and schemes and political leverage, even though she was previously betrothed to the newly raised Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands, Lord Grodan Greyjoy. Grodan begins a raiding campaign down the coast of the Reach, ending in the siege of Blackcrown around the middle of the year. During the battle, Grodan faced off against Jonah, who, when it became apparent that he was losing, attempted to hold Merricent hostage. Grodan's blade sliced through her arm as he took Jonah's life, and he left Blackcrown and the Reach to return to the Iron Islands with his prize.
  • Trenton Bulwer inherits the Lordship of Blackcrown after his brother dies without children. Rather then swearing vengence upon Grodan, he sets about repairing Blackcrown and setting his land to rights. Under his leadership, the Bulwer family and their holdings prosper greatly.
  • Owen Bulwer is born to Lord Trenton and his wife the Lady Clara.

89 A.L.

  • Elyn Bulwer is born to Lord Trenton and his wife the Lady Clara.

92 A.L.

  • Victor Bulwer is born to Lord Trenton and his wife the Lady Clara.

94 A.L.

95 A.L.

  • Rona Vielo is born out of wedlock to the Bravo Furio Vielo and the Lady Clara. Having his previous suspicions of his wife's affair now confirmed in the babe's foreign look, Lord Trenton hits his wife for the first and only time. This sparks Furio's anger and is the source of a duel between the two of them, that ends in Trenton's death. Narrowly escaping his own death at the hands of Hightower justice, Furio is able to escape to Braavos with the baby Rona. Clara, distraught with grief and guilt for the fates of both her husband and her lover, decides to leave Blackcrown for good and takes vows as a Silent Sister.
  • Mark Bulwer, as Trenton's eldest son and heir, becomes Lord of Blackcrown at the tender age of fifteen.

100 A.L.

  • Lord Mark Bulwer marries Lia Redwyne, daughter of Lord Luthor Redwyne, to the benefit of both houses.

110 A.L.

  • A great feast is held at Blackcrown at the invitation of Lord Mark Bulwer, in an effort to find the perfect suitor for his beautiful sister, Mordane Bulwer. Only the most eligible of bachelors are invited, ruling lords or heirs to the most powerful houses in the Seven Kingdoms, all of whom are lured there by tales of Mordane's legendary beauty. The event ends in tragedy, however, when Mordane's horse falls while recklessly leading a hunt with her suitors. Trapped under the struggling horse, she is unable to stop one of her hounds who, spooked by the mount, attacks Mordane. The injuries to her face leave terrible scarring that ends all hope of a proper marriage.
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