Bear in Wolf's Clothing
Claudia Black
Claudia Black as Hellan Stark (prev. Mormont)
Name: Hellan Stark (prev. Mormont)
Aliases: Battle-Axe of Bear Island
Faction: The North
Organization: House Stark
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Great Noble Lady
Age: Aug 23 81 (41)


Lady Hellan Stark is not a face easily forgotten by most. She is from the North and wears it like armour, proudly emblazoned. Well into her thirtieth decade if not her fortieth, her skin is winter pale and her unstyled hair jet black that has a few silver strands of age or early hardship. Every one of her features are bold: a sharp, square jaw carves out her face, made up of hard-set ice grey eyes, strong brows, wide defined lips, hard cheekbones and a long, straight nose that could be etched from stone. It is not a welcome countenance, but an attractive one, if one does not prefer their women dainty.

She seems strong, muscles toned and stature of 5'7" rigid beneath the simply but elegantly stitched dress she wears, made of a thicker fabric than most Southern styles, long-sleeved, and dyed in a shade of green so dull it's nearly brown as dirt. Its collar arches high and royal on either side of her neck, the only aspect of the gown that is embroidered elaborately in deeper green leaf patterns. She wears a dark blue cape affixed to a regal wolf fur that she wears around her shoulders, surely more from habit or show of her House than necessity. A belt fashioned of chain-mail hangs on her waist.


Hellan Mormont was born in the North upon Bear Island, a Mormont through and through. A sharp-witted, strong-willed and sturdy youth, she made fierce bonds with her family, for whom she was instilled a sense of protection and honour. She was immediately well-suited to the ofttimes harsh and dangerous challenges brought about by living on Bear Island. Learning to take up arms against the wildlings and ironmen who might raid their home was her greatest honour and most encompassing passion and, as she grew into her bold beauty from the sturdy and square-faced child she'd been, she grew also into her strength. She favoured maces, brutal battle-axes; she was looked up to by many in her generation of women, and younger. She was also a growing tactician, learning the best she could about every potential threat that might march their way. Her other passion was in reading and writing and poetry, but she had a warrior's heart even if the battleground was only ever to be in her own backyard, but what a warrior she became, ever-ready to defend— to fight; though she'd never wish an attack on her home to warrant use of such skills, a warrior's way was better understood by Hellan than any traditional lady's past-times.

Every so often, however, no amount of strength and preparation can account for poor luck. The world is a harsh place. Hellan had always recognized this to be true, but the fact never assailed her as hard as it did when she was violently struck down during a merciless raid by the ironmen, the worst she'd seen, and the worst she ever would. Her wound was so grievous, sliced nearly from stomach to sternum, that she was left for dead.


Lives in the Past Old Injury/Seriously Ill
Pushes Her Limits Substance Abuser
Protective Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

Northerner With Northern Rumours Hellan is one of the few Northerners in the Southern city, which is itself might be of interest to others of the North. She resides in the Weirwood Manse. Rumours may follow her from past and present: her old title of Battle-Axe of Bear Island and her previously unwanted marriage to Lord Cregan Stark's uncle Lord Gidion, who, a few years back, was been darkly rumoured to be connected to the escape of a man of the Night's Watch. Those rumours followed to Oldtown, as her husband, exempted from death by Lord Stark, joined the host of Northerners and helpers pushing back wildling raiders but have since died down. Her husband now aids the interests of the Night's Watch here in Oldtown and afar.
Avid Reader & Writer Hellan is always on the lookout for reading and research material — the older the better. She is also an excellent writer, both in her way with words and the attractive script in which she writes them; in her home, at least, she was sometimes sought out to write others' letters not unlike a scribe, and sometimes takes up the habit of sending her own letters to acquaintances.
The Old Gods Skeptical yet set in her faith.
Reluctant Noble Hellan may not take naturally or particularly well to the rules of court or fellow nobles, particularly non-Northerners, but she plays her part and strives, in her own way, to uphold respect and do what's expected, and is an intelligent tactician — of politics as well as battlefields.
Ill Health Her state of poor health may require the assistance of maesters and healers, for a start. She has been increasingly unwell and reclusive.
Hates the Ironborn With the power of a thousand suns. Test her, she dares you. (gif)

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