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William Moseley
William Moseley as Haydn Lannister
Name: Haydn Lannister
Aliases: Hayd, Hay, Ser Haydn
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Lannister
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Aug 10 100 (20)


Hadyn is a young man, roughly 20 years old, of Lannister heritage with lightly tanned fair skin tone. He stands at 5'10" and is around 153 pounds in an overall athletic body type. Ear-length golden blonde hair is done in a down and loose style framing an oval shaped face. With expressive blue-gray eyes that are set to either side of his handsomely wide nose. Below that nose is an upturned set of lips, always looking like he's at least smirking about something. The rest of his face is accented in slighty full, just lost his 'baby fat' cheeks, a strong chisled jaw that comes to a subtly clefted chin. Hadyn smells of soap and fresh air. When he speaks the tones and accent of Westerlands can be detected.


Lann the Clever's blood pumps strong and wily in Haydn Lannister. While Haydn knows he might not have the actual wit and intelligence of the legendary hero and founder of his family, Haydn always attempts peaceful resolutions. He isn't one of those warrior sorts that draws steel first and sorts out the mess afterwards. For this reason he's been sent along to Old Town to keep an eye on his little brother who's decided to become a Maester.

Haydn and Amron are the two of the younger sons of Jason Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock. Jason didn't want Amron to go so far from home on such a 'fools idea' alone. Haydn had always acted as Amron's protector and so he did not hesitate to offer to go along with his baby brother. Being on the younger side of the siblings, there was no sense of you must stay and help rule and hold fast to your duty that the elder siblings suffer. He knew that it was one reason Amron wanted to become a Maester, because it would make him 'useful' to some Lord if not his own Father.

Three of his siblings held the most influence over how Haydn grew up. Lorn is a knight of unparalleled skill and Haydn squired for him and learned everything of martial matters from him. Then both Ranford and Raighleyn, twins and courtiers both, it is quite amazing to watch them work in court. Haydn learned much of his social and political skills from them. Separated they are your average witty nobles, but when they are together they weave such a dance of intrigue and mind boggling banter that father can't bear to part them and neither is yet married. They are far more useful to him together than they are as alliance fodder. Raighleyn is the one that perfected Haydn's chivalry towards women, where Lorn more focused on teaching him the martial areas.

Haydn himself was more than willing to leave for Old Town with his own hopes of dodging an arranged marriage. Haydn hopes that the verse 'Out of sight - out of mind' rings true. It's not that he's opposed to marriage. He just doesn't want to be some pawn in some alliance where he gets saddled with some witless horse faced thing. Much like his mother's brother, Uncle Waxley had the misfortune of having done with him and one of the Tarly girls.

So it came to pass that many of the Lannister Children went separate ways. Haydn and Amron bid good-bye to their twin siblings who were off to King's Landing just before the brothers said good-bye to the Westerlands and their friends and family there. Away they went to Old Town. Amron was welcomed into the Citadel and began his training. No matter what, Haydn will keep close so that if Amron changes his mind Haydn can do as he promised Jason and help him come home unscathed. Since striking out on their own Haydn has really taken to it and has pooled resources enough of his own to buy a small tower with a bit of property around it. The tower is within view of the Citadel to help him keep an eye on things there. There's also been a Lady that has proven to be a test to Haydn's attention remaining purely on being in the city for Amron. But Amron approves and is actually quite encouraging.

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  • Chivalrous
  • Protective
  • Words Before Steel
  • Wealth: Opulent

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Little Brother - Unlike their father, Haydn isn't angry with Amron for wanting to become a Maester. He understands the sort of shadow Amron wants to escape from. Hadyn just isn't certain if Amron is going to make it through the rigors of Maester Training, so he stays close to the Citadel in Oldtown to keep tabs on his brother and be there for him if he needs anything.


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