Character Details
Colin O'Donoghue
Colin O'Donoghue as Kiran Greyjoy
Name: Kiran Greyjoy
Aliases: Cap'n! …and probably a lot of other less complimentary things behind his back.
Faction: The Iron Islands
Organization: House Greyjoy
Occupation: Pirate
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Feb 23 94 (27)


Somewhere in the mid-upper twenties, this man is of fairly average height and build, with dark close-cropped hair and green eyes. He tends to wear dark clothes - they vary based on the weather and the situation, but he's not prone to bright colors or flashy things - and carries himself with a casual sort of easy confidence.

His features are —well, he's got a look that could be best described as 'rakish', with scruff on the jaw, a gleam in the eye, and easy grins. He's got the look of someone who is best described as 'trouble', and is a little rough-and-tumble. He's got a few tattoos - most of which have the look of the sort that were done at sea - and a thin leather cord hangs from his neck and disappears down the neck of his shirt.


The Shadow. The Bloody Banner.

The ship was old, but seaworthy. Barnacles stuck to the scarred hull, and the darkened wood, sea-stained, was nondescript. The banner that flew from the mast marked no House, but instead was black with a single red bar down the center.

The Captain is known for being a man of excess, but he runs a hard ship, and his men respect him as much as those on a pirate ship ever do. They only know him as Hawke, likely for the raptor that has been a part of him for as long as the ship has. The bird has a chipped beak and a mean eye, but is a clever and remarkable hunter.

Not many know Hawke for who he really is, and certainly none still on the ship still do: Kiran Greyjoy, one of the younger Greyjoy children of the Lord Reaper of Pyke, and assumed dead after a ship was lost at sea. In reality, the ship was sunk, he was taken aboard as hostage, and eventually took the whole damn thing over during a bloody coup. Finding life as a pirate more free and easy than answering to the call of the Iron Islands, he never sent word that he was still out there and alive; y'know, just never getting around to it. These things happen.

However, despite years of flying under the radar, a ship fleeing Oldtown was raided and sunk, and soon after the members of the Bloody Banner began falling violently ill. One by one the crew all succombed, and, while Hawke fell sick himself, he and two crew members barely managed to recover - just in time for the winds to pull the reeling ship into the reef off the Oldtown waters, the remaining crew too ill to steer it off. The ship took in too much water, and, after limping and keeling off the coast, finally bore itself into the Oldtown beaches.

RP Hooks

OOC Note: This character has a a potential for a lot of antagonistic hooks RP-wise, and I'm more than happy to work those out OOC and work those into RP. All I ask is you page me first and don't surprise me mid-scene with 'you killed my dog and burned my house down! D:' XD

  • Ne'er-do-well: Seriously. No, really, seriously. Did he or his crew rob you blind? Sink a ship? Steal your booze? Wanna get a cheap shot in? We can work that out.
  • Oppositely, if you have an unsavory sort've character - a mercenary, a sellsword, a sea-going sort - and want to work out any other hooks, let me know.
  • Outcast: …though sort've by choice. Wanna find out that he's not just a crappy pirate who crashed his boat on the beach? Page me and we'll work it out.
  • I done broke my boat: His ship's wrecked. Wanna help fix it? It's probably the quickest way to get him outta here.
  • Falconry: he's got this mean little bird who happens to be a mean little hunter, too.
  • Iron Islander: Even if he's not currently claiming his birth house, he's got it pretty much written all over him.


  • Wealth: Hard Times
  • Left-Handed
  • Attractive
  • Drinks Like a Fish
  • Outcast
  • Ignoble

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Lord Grodan Greyjoy
Father. Who doesn't know he's alive! Woo!


Lady Merricent Greyjoy
Mother. Who ALSO doesn't know he's alive! Winning!


Lovely woman, strong 'n capable. Knows my secrets more'n most.


Fuck you. Maybe we can do business.


One've those weird ones that grew up too far north, but he's not a bad man.


The weirdest damn Maester I've ever met. Thanks for the book?


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