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Jamie Dornan
Jamie Dornan as Harrold Arryn
Name: Harrold Arryn
Faction: The Vale
Organization: House Arryn
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Apr 7 85 (36)


Somewhat on the tall side, the nobleman before you carries himself with confidence, or perhaps arrogance, to spare. Darkly handsome, he wears his beard short and well-groomed, with charcoal gray eyes set above high, aristocratic cheekbones, causing his expression to look rather critical much of the time. His curly brown hair is also kept short, well above broad shoulders that are the start of a powerful physique that can quickly become imposing when combined with his expressions. Though he dresses impeccably most of the time, he wears little in the way of ornamentation, with a signet ring bearing the Arryn crest set in a brilliant aquamarine stone on his right index finger, and is almost never seen without a longsword of castle-forged steel at his left hip and a dagger at his right.

At the moment, he wears a sky blue tabard with the falcon crest of Arryn depicted in black instead of white over a shirt of charcoal gray silk, this latter garment tailored to hint at the lean muscle beneath. A leather belt gathers the tabard at his waist, and keeps snug black breeches in place, as well as preventing any of his clothing from impeding movement too much. On his feet, thick-soled boots of similarly-dark leather have been polished to a high sheen, with the tops turned down to accent powerful calves.


As the first born son, even of a minor branch of the Arryn family tree, Harrold seemed to have a sense of entitlement from the moment he was old enough to speak. With that sense rather thoroughly enforced by a doting mother and a father proud of the young man's physical capabilities, it is no wonder that he remained an arrogant and rather greedy individual throughout his life. Born to Perros Arryn and his wife Cassana of house Hightower, it was never expected that Harrold or his brothers would be in line to inherit anything more than the holdfast that was already their home.

Thus, as he grew into a man, Harrold was squired to Jon Royce, a well-known tourney knight from the Vale, under whose tutelage he excelled, particularly in the use of swords. This, despite the fact that he and the knight he served butting heads quite often; the young squire, after a time, naturally thought that the older man had little more to teach and so began to push boundaries often. He managed to get himself knighted, however, before his behavior brought about the end of his squirehood before he could be anointed, thanks to happenstance just after his seventeenth name day. He and Ser Jon were en route to a tourney in the Riverlands when a notorious group of bandits, The Brotherhood of the Eye, had grown desperate enough to attack an anointed knight. Outnumbered, the knight had no choice but to fight alongside his headstrong squire, who acquitted himself better than many who were already anointed would have managed. Thus, when they reached Riverrun for the tourney, Harrold underwent the rite with the castle's septon.

It was a few years later, well after he had returned to his home, when he married the young woman to whom he had long been betrothed, Marissa Darry. Though lovely enough, she was not as beautiful as many of the women that he was used to keeping company with, and thus found herself ignored much of the time, particularly once she was pregnant with their first child. His resentment over the marriage that was arranged for him was only compounded when his father was offered an alliance with Lord Tyrell of the Reach, an alliance to be sealed with his daughter, a particularly enticing woman named Seryna, marrying Harrold's younger brother Raymun. Outraged, the eldest of the siblings stormed out and went on a hunt that lasted several days upon learning of this news.

Though no one blamed him directly, many who lived in their household whispered that it was Harrold's temper and poor treatment of his wife that led to Lady Marissa's death when she gave birth to their daughter, a girl who died before she was six months old. He could not be bothered with those whispers, however, as he was far too busy enjoying his newfound freedom, no longer having to worry quite so much about having to hide his carousing and gambling, and certainly not having to listen to a wife weep about them. There were the occasional lectures from his father, but since he never ended up too far in debt with the gambling, and only found himself involved in one duel due to a tryst with someone's wife, Perros turned a blind eye more often than not to his eldest son's terrible behavior. His hope was that another wife would be able to settle the young man. However, Harrold seemed to have a knack for avoiding that particular trap, and remains a widower to this day.

RP Hooks

From The Vale: Harrold is a knight of the Vale, and a member of its ruling family. If you have spent much time there in the past, you might know him.

Hightower Family: His mother was a Hightower before her marriage to his father, and is still alive in the Vale, so he has kin among the rulers of Oldtown.

Looking for a Bride: At least, he told his father and mother that was part of the reason for this trip to Oldtown. Maybe you can make him honest on this count?

Unsavory: He has been known, at times anyway, to keep company with sellswords and cutthroats almost as much as he does his peers in polite society. Some would even say they enjoy his company more.


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Anointed Knight
  • Arrogant
  • Ignoble
  • Attractive
  • Tough

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Younger Brother - Friendly and dutiful, Harrold has some appreciation for his brother's loyalty to the family. (NPC)


Good-sister - Harrold has come to see Seryna as a valuable addition to the family over the years since her marriage to his brother.


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