Character Details
Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart as Gysella Saltcliffe
Name: Gysella Saltcliffe
Faction: The Iron Islands
Organization: House Saltcliffe
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Minor Noble Lady
Age: Apr 11 105 (16)


Gysella Saltcliffe stands at 5'3, a young snippet of a girl growing into the curves of womanhood. There is a cruel, cold beauty about her, reflecting the lands from which she hails. Her skin is pale white - having seen more storms than sun- and provides a startling contrast to her deep dark brown hair. There is a wildness to those almost black wavy strands which she controls by plaiting it and keeping it out of her way though a few unruly locks escape and frame her face. Her eyes are a pale green with flecks of gold interspersed in them and ringed with an inky blue, compelling and strange yet guarded. Her face is angular with high cheekbones and there is stubbornness about her red mouth.

She dons a gown of simple grey wool though the detailed embroidery in black threads at the sleeves and collar elevates the gown to something a little bit more elaborate and fashionable. The sleeves are long and flow alongside the full skirt of her gown. It hugs her young figure well while still being modest. At her throat sits a simple silver chain and on her index figure there is a ring with the fierce sigil of the serpents of Saltcliffe glinting whenever the silver catches the light. On her feet she wears black boots sturdy and unfashionable but hidden away by her skirts.


Gysella is the firstborn daughter to Lord Jerrod Saltcliffe and his lady wife Myrissa previously of the house Sunderly. She has two older brothers. She was born into the harsh, cruel lands of the Iron Isles but still her highborn birth meant that she did not suffer or want for much although she had none of the luxuries of a Greenlander. She remained a little distant from her father though both loved each other well and he doted upon her but his priorities were always his sons and all his attention was focused on them, especially his heir which left him little time to his daughter.


Gysella grew up idolising and running around with her brothers and being inducted into the world of fighting, riding and general mischievousness that came with the company of boys. She was a fierce little thing and she picked up the bow when she was just four and since then it has always been a passion of hers. Her brothers even let her hold a dagger every now and then and she grew fascinated with the art of fighting but her young, carefree days were soon to be cut sadly short. She had reached the tender age of 13 and she had become too unruly and wild for her ambitious mother's liking. There were greater plans afoot in Lady Myrissa's head for her eldest daughter. She was to be allowed less and less time with her brothers and her lady mother soon drafted her into a carefully thought up regime of refinery and learning. Whispers around the keep complained that the lady of Saltcliffe was turning her daughter into some Greenlander pansy but one look from Lady Myrissa would make them bite their tongues

Gysella was taught the finest of needlework and weaving which to her surprise she grew to love and developed a great talent in. She was a curious and intelligent child and soon became more and more involved in the lessons her mother had forced her into, and the more she accepted her new teachings, the more she excelled at them. She learnt the delicate etiquettes of a well-rounded and accomplished noblewoman; painting, music, dancing and singing - indeed the sweet notes of her voice and the strumming of her harp was a welcome thing amongst the cold, stony halls of the ancient keep. Her mother was filled with satisfaction as she watched her daughter grow into a beautiful and accomplished young lady while still managing to retain that Ironborn fierceness. Indeed, Gysella was an inquisitive child. She even insisted that the old maester teach her Old Valyrian and soon she was poring over old tomes and her curiosity grew the more she learnt. She was fascinated by the Greenlanders and their various gods though she of course remained pious to the Drowned God of her land. She would always find ways to sneak away from her lessons and spend time with her brothers, once or twice they even sailed out to the waters around the island and Gysella could not help but be fascinated by what lay out there beyond the stormy shores of her home.


At sixteen now she is a guarded, polite and striking young woman. Her eyes sharp and observing and her head ticking away with many a thought. She has all the etiquettes of a Greenlander woman though none of the softness and she is still a little bit rough around the edges - sometimes a little too blunt, a little too daring or wild. Her lessons with her brother s have continued though they are few and far between and she has developed sufficient skill in archery and the handling of daggers though she definitely has room for improvement. She is proud and self-assured and her tongue can be as sharp and cruel as it can sweet and diplomatic.

The ambitious lady Myrissa now plans to arrive in Oldtown with her accomplished young daughter in tow to win favours with the Greyjoys - spending time with the Greyjoy lady who has no other suitable companion from her lands and of course the Greyjoy heir can only benefit house Saltcliffe. Lord Jerrod agrees for the days of the Old Way grow short and more dangerous and the lands of the Iron Isles do not yield many a fruit. Trading grows as the main source of wealth and as much as it hurts his fierce pride, having connections with Greenlanders and of course winning favours with their liege lords, the Greyjoys, seems a sensible thing to do.

Gysella for her part is excited to travel beyond the shores of Saltcliffe and the waters of the Iron isles; she has always been fascinated by the Greenlanders and their strange notions of chivalry and their soft ways and their various gods. She knows that her duty is to represent her house and her lands in the best possible way and she embraces that prospect. A proud and dangerous serpent of Saltcliffe - her wildness still there but carefully hidden behind her etiquette, fine manners and a calm, steely gaze.

RP Hooks

Iron Isles = Anyone around in Oldtown from her homelands will be a welcome sight. Also anyone who hates the Iron Isles will be an interesting meet.

The Seven, The old Gods, R'hllor = basically any other religion or practice that she is unfamiliar with she will want to learn more about and have a natural interest in.

Daggers, bows and horses = She wants to very much continue her lessons and enjoyment of all these things. If you think you are the person to teach her she would welcome your company.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Compelling
  • Tough
  • Stubborn
  • Capricious
  • Inquisitive

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