Beast among Beasts
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones as Gromm
Name: Gromm
Aliases: Pirates-Bane, Slave Captain, Beast among Beasts.
Faction: Freefolk
Organization: N/A
Occupation: Sellsword
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Mar 21 92 (28)


Here is a pale-bronzed humanoid figure whom rather obviously is of the male persuasian, and is clearly somewhere between being a bit amongst or beyond late adult-hood and running close to being that of middle-aged. He stands at a rather enormous height of around seven feet and and a half feet tall, give or take a inch or so. His skin is of a fair mid-tone complexion with plenty of imperfections to go around, with some pimple scarring along his cheeks and foreheads. He has almost no hair amongst his head except for the slight and thing dark brown hairs that are seemingly only beginning to grow along his head and thick brown hairs making a short beard along his face. He has two somewhat large ears. His facial build is that of a sharp almond-like shape, he has rather high-cheek bones and eyes leaning to be a bit smaller from a more moderate size, and light blue in color. Overtop of those eyes are thin brown eyebrows, completely unmaintained and ending sharply at the outer ends and rounding off at the inner ends. He has a bit of a larger roman-ish nose, triangular in shape with moderately sized nostrils and a bridge that only slightly portrudes out with a subtle bump a quarter of a inch from aligning with his brows. He has rough and considerably thin lips a natural and slight shade pinker than the rest of his complexion, and his face smoothly ends with a sharp and elegant chin. Atop of his head is a iron Combat Barbuta Helmet with a sole long slit with a bit of outwards angled portrusion to protect against arrows and holes to allow for ease of speaking and breathing, and a few side-holes to allow for easier hearing.
Being that of a rather outrageous and distinct height, depending on who you ask he is considerably imposing or a really big target. He wears a long-sleeved black leather padded arming gambeson underneath a set of long-sleeved mail hauberks and a iron plate breastplate hanging a bit tight to his body, accompanied with a iron gorget, bracers, pauldrons and gauntlets with a few dents and scratches here and there but otherwise in good and usable condition, obscuring his considerably impressive musculature of the majority of his chest and torso. His arms are extremely thick from muscle and fat alike, but not overly so to add onto a too musclebound figure as he still remains to look at the most with a heavy 'built-fat' body. He has a rather obvious amount of fat upon his body as well as muscle, a though a little less than his muscle or so his body may define it. His hands are moderately sized in comparison to his body, leaning a little larger ever so slightly and he his fingers are a bit longer, the nails maintained to be a bit shorter and unpainted.
His lower body isn't necessarily thick or slim in regards to the rest of his body. He has large, muscled legs and a rear that is both muscled and somewhat flattened off a bit, not flat but not too round either, hinting at a good bit of sitting on his bum. On his lower body he wears a pair of black wool pantaloons that offer a stark fade at the knee area, becoming slightly lighter in tone and overtop of them they have a chainmail skirt and iron greeves with a few scratches and around his waist a belt that holds a scabbard to a westerosi bastard sword. Along the pant legs there are a few tears here and there, and at the end of the legs are rolled up cuffs. On his feet he wears a pair of iron combat functional Sabatons.


Born into the world a wildling, Gromm was expected to be the heir to the nomadic group of the Red Hands, a small but fearsome group of wildlings notable for their ferociousness and bodily size. Gromm since a young age, like most Red Hands, was a considerably violent child, getting in numerous fights with other children of the group and proving victorious, as well as involuntarily entering the mind of animals around him, a beast among a group of beasts. Despite the Red Hands being gruesome and ferocious, many members within the bundle of wildlings despised each other, but howeverstayed a part of the hill tribe for reasons of their own. And with this, comes deception and backstabbing. At the age of nine, Gromm went missing in the tribe, kidnapped. Brann, one of the members of the Red Hands, cooperated with outside sources to assist in smuggling the boy out of the group, to a group of Ibbenese. Taken by the Ibbenese, sold out by his own people, Gromm descended into hatred, learning to despise his own people as well as slavers. For years, he was sold, bought and traded, time and time again, going through a colorful cast of masters before finally bought by a pirate by the name of Khorr, captain of the ship dubbed 'Kalypso's Sword', and self-proclaimed king of the seas. At the age of seventeen he was brought to the ship, and kept as a sort of possession in the ship, chained to the walls in a cell, across from him contained a much smaller cage containing a large, beautiful eagle. Every night he managed to descend into sleep, he'd involuntarily enter the mind of said eagle, time spans varying for how longs, from a mere few seconds to almost twelve hours, it wasn't long before Gromm realized what he was doing, and slowly began working on the skill throughout his years.

As he aged, he'd be brought out to the deck and forced to perform tasks, as to what tasks vary, from throwing men overboard to simply cleaning the deck. When he dawned the age of twenty six, he had by then learned how to properly enter the mind of the eagle upon demand, and had formed a bond with the bird of prey, before personally naming it 'Caos'. One night, one of the younger crewmen came down, hastily but discreetly, keys in hand. He came to the cage and told Gromm of a soon to happen mutiny, before unlocking his cage. Gromm was confused by the young mans actions, but didn't resist and complied. When released from his shackles, he immediately left his cage and tore the door off of Caos's bird cage before setting the large eagle upon his left arm. When he ascended to the deck, most of the pirates partaking in the mutiny doubted Gromm, feared him even, but still handed him a blade and net. When the revolt began, Khorr was taken by surprise, but still managed to put up a sufficient enough resistance, that resulted in the slaying of the leader of the rebel pirates. When the rebels leader was slain, morale wavered, leaving Gromms chance at freedom slipping away and fast. This prompted Gromm to take charge, and quite abruptly, catching both sides off guard, but the rebels went with it. Tearing through his foes, Gromm and the pirates came down upon Khorr, and when Gromm and Khorr met upon the upper deck, the two fought, Khorr, being the stubborn pirate he is, believed himself to come out victorious over the brute, only to find himself overpowered completely, Khorrs smile of confidence quickly turning to a expression mixed with terror and disbelief as he was impaled within the chest, and thrown overboard. After Gromm and the new crew reigned victorious over the defenders, Gromm was quick to take control of Kalyspo's Sword, and proceeded to travel the seas, battling pirates where and when they could before drifting into the whispering sound, the crew after years of battling and plundering the ships of other pirates, finally retired as a crew, drifting Kalypso's Sword into the Oldtown Docks before selling her off, the crew dispersing, moving on. Gromm, however found himself unable to go of the need to fight, or perhaps couldn't help but want to continue fighting, and became a sellsword.

RP Hooks

Ex-Slave (There's a chance other enslaved character would have seen or have heard of Gromm, if taken by sea-faring slavers such as the Ibbenese or pirates.)
Retired Pirate Hunter


  • Wealth: Middle Class
  • Honorless
  • Short Temper
  • Authoritative
  • Heavy-Duty (Referring to his size and strength)
  • Phobia: Whips

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Dear Friend - A kind of odd route that brought us here. Started with cursing and insults, lead to me being her bodyguard and a dear friend of hers. Don't know everything about her, but I'd die for her. After all, she's the only one here who genuinely showed me kindness.


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