Lord Ser Griffyth Wylde
Chris Pine
Chris Pine as Griffyth Wylde
Name: Griffyth Wylde
Aliases: Griff
Faction: The Stormlands (House Baratheon)
Organization: House Wylde
Occupation: Heir of House Wylde
Rank: Nobleman Knight
Age: 25


Above average in height, this man appears somewhere in his mid-twenties and stands at six feet even with a lazy slouch. Despite his casual posture, Griff's frame is broad in the shoulder with only a marginal narrowing at the waist; he's solidly built without being elaborately bulky or excessively muscular while maintaining clean, toned lines and a taut physique beneath layers of clothing and armor alike. The man's features are even, well bred, and usually caught between clean-shaven and stubbled with strikingly blue eyes and short-shorn dirty blond hair.

For every day wear, Griff favors a leather doublet inscribed with the badge of his House over a looser linen tunic, a heavy cloak in the Wylde colors, and fitted leather breeches tucked into knee-high riding boots that are well-worn from use. Albeit simple, the tailored look of his clothing and the quality bespeak of someone well-moneyed, likely noble born.


Griffyth was raised as one might expect of any proper trueborn son of a noble House, especially a middle son with no immediate expectations of becoming the Seat of his House. Private tutors, financial comfort, and slacker expectations than his elder brother, Griffyth rarely wanted for anything but free time. Excelling in more social and physical arts than mental, he nevertheless was a sufficiently diligent student with the proper incentives.

As he grew older, Griff showed enough of an aptitude for combat and the handling of animals to become a proper squire to a knight of House Baratheon. Skirmishes were irregular but not so uncommon that the adolescent squire didn't experience first hand combat, but much of his practice were in the yards, an attentive student and obedient squire who was allowed a joust or two in the lists where he proved himself.

Becoming a full fledged knight upon his nineteenth year, Griffyth was left largely to his own devices. While his father focused upon his elder brother and his mother upon his younger, Griffyth found a taste for gambling, lechery, and dedicated swordsmanship. With little strife to handle, much of Griffyth's time was spent training for battles he would never face. Sent to guard his brother's well-being and saintly spirit on his younger brother's journey to become a Maester, it couldn't have been soon enough.

He's already been accused of fathering at least one bastard.


  • Attractive
  • Beastfriend
  • Lascivious
  • Overconfident
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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