Umbral Tower

Umbral Tower - The Citadel

This is one of the older structures at the Citadel, a small tower five stories tall. The upper floor is of little use, for part of the roof has broken in. The mortar of the round walls is crumbling a bit, but there are no gaps. The place has tiny windows, cheaply glazed with rippled glass to let in what little light there is — it's not much, for the little tower is perpetually in the shadow of the newer, taller, spires and domes of the Citadel.

The first two floors are used as storage, and are filled with crates of old books, laboratory equipment, robes too ill-used to be wanted but not worn enough to throw away, oddments, stale spices and reagents, and rough ingots of the various metals used in forging Maester's chains.

The third floor appears to be occupied. It's got a narrow bed, a desk, and a small clothes press. The books might even be in some semblance of order. Also, it appears that somebody has cleaned the windows.

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