Sphinx Street


This long street runs along the West side of the Honeywine River. It is wide, and the large paving stones are well-maintained. The rows of genteel houses that line it are broken up on the West of the street by alleys and wynds, and on the East by a few small riverfront gardens, each occupied by handsome twisted old apple trees, flower beds, and a stone bench or two.

To the North, Sphinx Street ends at The Citadel — it gets its name from the two great green stone sphinxes that flank them. To the West lies the Champion's Way, a wide street leading to the Tourney Gate, and the tourney grounds outside the city. To the South stand the seven towers and seven domes of the Starry Sept, and beyond that, the guildhouses and the harbour, with the Hightower's blazing beacon above.


  • Dovecote Tower [DT]
  • Garden Isle [GI]
  • Stag Door Manse [SDM]
  • Watercliff Manse [WM]
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