Old Street


This street cuts through the older areas of the city. Many of the buildings here look a little dilapidated. The timber overhangs that many of the stone structures have atop them lean against each other, and out over the pavement. There is a runnel down the center of the street where rain and a certain amount of liquid refuse runs down to drain into the canals that criss-cross the city. The cobblestones here are worn quite smooth by years and years of people treading upon them.

To the West the Honeywine River awaits. To the east stand the arches to the Oldtown Square. The less respectable guild-halls of the city can be found here. The Weirwood Manse, one of the city's oldest residences, is here. Every few months some wit paints a red face on the weirwood tree depicted on its facade, and pious followers of the Seven scrub it off soon after.


  • Merrywidow's Herbalist Shop [MW]
  • Stable [ST]
  • Weirwood Manse [WM]
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