Lower Hightower Street - Oldtown


At the southern end of the Honeywine, the river's course quickens and widens. It stretches widest here, and the magnificent bridges of stone and timber are longer and wider than those upriver - nearly big enough to allow a wayn with a full cargo along. Docks small and large dot the banks. On the other side of the Honeywine one can see the grand guild-halls and the larger docks that the trade guilds maintain there. The magnificent towers of the Starry Sept thrust up to the sky in the West, just over the Starry Street Bridge with its seven arches and the multitude of seven-pointed stars decorating its stonework.

The Honeywine makes even the largest river-boat look like a small punt. They ply the waters, keeping up a steady stream of river traffic night and day. Nearly every time one looks, one can see barges and pole-boats making their way along, burdened with goods and passengers, or empty and riding high in the Honeywine's tranquil blue waters. Looking south, one can see the Hightower spearing the clouds, ablaze with light.

Hightower Street's broad clean cobblestone way runs along the bank of the river, heading straight towards the Hightower and the harbour at its feet.


  • Golden Maiden Eatery [GME]
  • Moon's Nest Manse [MNM]
  • Winery [WI]
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