Hightower Street


This is a large residential street. The cobblestones are quite new and fresh here, and there is a pleasant, perfumed smell mingling with the salt air. The roomy manses of the rich and famous sit cheek by jowl with the merchant tradesmens' houses, the ship-insurers' houses, and the houses of some of the most prestigious shipwrights Oldtown offers.

Banners hang down from poles in the center of the street, with the Hightower of Oldtown fluttering proudly upon them in the breeze. There is a pleasant view of the river from here, and of the Hightower in the far South. One can also see the gateway to the prestigious Hightower Square, ringed as always by Oldtown's City Watch.


  • Leaping Trout Manse [LTM]
  • Sailfin Manse [SM]
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