Healer's Hall

Healer's Hall - The Citadel

The Healer's Hall of the Citadel is a long building with a high arched roof. It is only a single story, perhaps to spare the necessity of carrying injured or ill people up and down stairs. The corridors are very wide, and floors are made of broad smooth flagstones, polished by generations of feet. The plastered walls are lime-washed to a dull, clean white. There is very little decoration. Even the golden-oak doorframes are simple, and their color is faded with frequent scrubbings.

The long hall is lined with many doors. They're unevenly spaced — some lead to large hospital wards with many beds, some to smaller and more private sickrooms, and some to laboratories, workrooms, and libraries of various sizes.

Great Infirmary - Healer's Hall - The Citadel

The walls of this large airy room are lime-washed to a dull, clean white. There is no decoration, but there are large windows, made not of glass but of hide oiled to translucence. The floors are made of broad smooth flagstones, kept meticulously clean of dirt.

There's a large cabinet by the entrance, with two locking doors that open to reveal numerous drawers where various herbs and treatments can be stored. Beside it is a long workbench for mixing them. A couple of oil-burners and crucibles are set on its surface. At the bench's opposite end is another cabinet, this one lacking in locks, where clean bandage cloths and bed-linens are kept.

The rest of the room houses ranks of narrow beds, clean and evenly spaced.

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