Champion's Way


This street leads directly to the Western Gate in the city walls, known as the Tourney Gate, because of the tournament grounds just beyond it. It no doubt for the winners of such competitions that the street is named.

It's quite a grand street, wide enough for competing knights to parade five or six abreast on their way to the grounds, with plenty of room on either side of the street for crowds to gather and watch them pass. At other times, the way can seem a little barren — as it stretches away from Sphinx Street, the buildings grow too modest for such a wide thoroughfare, and it seems emptier than other parts of Oldtown.

Not far down from the corner of Sphinx Street stands the Little Bellhorn Holdfast, a small fortification that used to mark the old city gate, when Oldtown's walls were closer to the river on this side.


  • Fist and Falcon Tavern [FF]
  • Little Bellhorn Holdfast [LBH]
  • Smithy [SM]
  • Wisteria Manse [WM]
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