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Calle Strand
Calle Strand as Greydon Tyrell
Name: Greydon Tyrell
Aliases: The Red Rose of Highgarden
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Knight and Courtier
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Jan 16 97 (24)


Tall and athletic. Words that make and easily describe this knight before you. Long limbs sport chorded muscle, and leave an edge to the man. His torso is smooth and solid, showing the man cares for himself-and his movements speak of a killer's grace. He has a good, strong jaw that is covered in a thick and well kept beard of brown., which matches his hair. His hair is shaggy, but not unkempt or overtly long, giving him a more youthful appearance. And like a tyrell he sports deep brown eyes.

Greydon is dressed in a mint coloured tunic, with gold roses embroided on the sleeves. This is tucked down into dark brown trousers that bloom from darker brown boots. Over this a darker shade of green finely made doublet is worn. Adding to his layers a surcoat of forrest green is worn and bound by a dark belt with gold buckle. From this a finely made sword is worn, with a rose worked into the round pommel. About his shoulders a dull gold cloak and cowl are worn, pinned at the heart by a Gold Rose pin. Under such is hidden a chain of his station.


Greydon Tyrell was raised in the household of Lord Lorant Tyrell-though he is not his son. You see, Greydon was the son of Ser Gyles Tyrell-one of Lorant's favored younger brothers. His mother had passed in childbirth-and during a tournament a Targaryen prince killed his father, while he was still too young to know much more. The Dragon fled and Greydon was left with no one to care for him.

Lord Lorant took pity on the boy and brought him into his household and raised him as a son. He saw him squire under the finest knights in the reach-and made sure his education was that of a young heir. Though, Lorant would have his own sons in Matrim and Garvin, he still held a soft heart for his deceased brother's son. Greydon ever cognizant of the great boon gifted to him by his uncle-which served more as his father- made sure he would not disappoint Lorant.

As a squire he worked diligently and without complaint. Around ladies he was courteous and chivalrous, where as with men he was honest and honorable. When he was knighted he pledged himself fully to his uncle's service and even went down to the Dornish border to serve. There he gained insight into strategy and tactics while bloodying himself in battle. His own accolades were noted in Highgarden-and when the war ended the young knight was given hero's welcome. Then Greydon served in any capacity for Lord Lorant as he could, and would attend various tournaments in the Reach, allowing for his reputation to spread and grow.

And of that Lorant was pleased.

Recently, he has been sent to Oldtown, given the disquieting rumors of his cousin's behavior and choice in paramours, while the Heir heals in high garden. Greydon is what Tyrell men mostly aspire to be in a knight, chivalrous, heroic, and true. As a Tyrell he has shown a gift for Court and it's machinations. He has an eye for the subtle lines and knows how to deal with people. A perfect candidate in a town where the Tyrells have not had the strongest showing.

RP Hooks

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  • Chivilrous
  • Like A Second Son
  • Wealth:Opulent
  • Hobbyist
  • Famous Knight
  • Old Grudge



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