Character Details
Alexander Vlahos
Alexander Vlahos as Grey
Name: Grey
Aliases: None Yet
Faction: The Reach
Organization: None
Occupation: Thief
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Nov 24 102 (18)


In a roguish way, Grey is a very handsome young man, often charismatic, but capable of being fearsome. He is blessed with an appealingly shaped nose and a smooth, strong chin. Not at all a tall lad, yet his straight posture does lend him prominence, and he carries himself with a natural grace. He seems quite comfortable in his skin, which happens to be supple with youth and shows no signs of age. Its color balances well with thick black hair, and expressive lips. However, his intelligent blue eyes belie his tender years. He has a contemplative cast of countenance - grave, reverent, and pleasingly graced with an abundance of subtle charm.


Grey was born the bastard son of a Nobleman eighteen years ago, in the year 102. His mother Anne was a whore in Oldtown. A wealthy patron put a knife through her when Grey was only seven. After her death the streets became his only home. He was put out to fend for himself, and like so many others, Grey was forced to become a thief. He made his living stealing money to buy food, or simply stealing food. It was a miserable existence, but Grey was up to the challenge.

Happenstance caused a well-to-do Sellsword naqmed Grenn, to enter Grey’s life. Grenn found something about the lad interesting, perhaps even reminiscent of himself at that age. He insisted on making Grey his apprentice. Grey took the offer; In all honesty the offer was a chance to get out, to apprentice in a trade other than thievery, and Grenn was a fine swordsman.

Grey began his training with Grenn, which carried on for several years. The sellsword was a shadow among shadows. He didn't fight with honor, he fought to win, and Grey soaked up every drop of what the sellsword taught him. The martial and roguery training continued for years. Grey did not possess great physical strength like Grenn, but he did have a very agile body and exceptional manual dexterity when it came to opening locks or picking pockets.

So Grey shared many adventures with his mentor, as Grenn plied his trade to merchant ships and caravans. He managed to learn both the Old tongue and the Traders tongue during his travels. Over the following years, Grey grew into a handsome, charismatic young man. Albeit, a little overconfident. Eventually Grenn was forced to take up roots in Oldtown as age caught him, but not Grey. Grey was just coming into his own.

RP Hooks

  • Criminal - Yes, yes indeed. Grey’s a thief, and a talented one to boot!
  • Sigel - The Black Rose. He took it up a few years back, an started leaving them as a calling card.


  • Ambidextrous - He must be. He carries a pair of blades. A dagger he calls Scalpel, and a Dothraki Arakh he calls Cat’s Claw.
  • Attractive - That smile of his has gotten him out of more than one sticky situation.
  • Charismatic - The lad can be a honey tongued devil.
  • Night Owl - More often than not, Grey can be found slinking the streets after the sun goes down. That’s when business is best.
  • Wealth: Middle Class - He is an accomplished thief after all.
  • Bastard Born - It’s true. Grey is the Bastard son of a Nobleman. He has no idea who.
  • In Debt to Grenn the Sellsword - Grenn raised him, kept him safe, and taught him about life. He considers him a father figure.
  • Overconfident - Young, talented and good looking: Is it a wonder the lad thinks he’s indestructible?

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