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Tommy Flanagan
Tommy Flanagan as Gidion Stark
Name: Gidion Stark
Aliases: Mad Gidion Stark
Faction: The North
Organization: House Stark
Occupation: Knight?
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Jun 15 73 (47)


At 6'2" the man before you can easily be described as lean, and hard. His frame is wiry, and what bulk he holds is muscle, and a small gut, though nothing that would speak of excess. His face seems as if it was once fair, save for the 'dread fort smile' carved into his cheeks, gives him a rather harsh if not intimidating factor. Dark hair which falls to his shoulders has thick streaks of grey hidden within, and matches the beard which holds to his jaw. A few designs have been inked into his torso and one at his neck-but nothing ostentatious. Dark hair, and dark eyes-he's a Stark.

Gidion is dressed simply. A shirt of black is tucked down into deep grey trousers which sprout out from well worn and travel stained boots. Over this a quilted coat of grey has been worn, fastened in the front. Over this a thick brown doublet is worn, sporting no ornamentation. A plain sword belt is worn low at the hips, sporting two blades, both plain, even if finely made. And finally over his shoulders a drab and tattered grey cloak is worn, with matching cowl-pinned by the Direwolf head of Stark.


Brother of the old Lord Stark, Gidion, was expected to aid his brother and his brother's children in rule over Winterfell. His contribution to that es in savagery, and in arms, for Gidion Stark was a natural born fighter. He fought for life from his mother's womb, and lived when she died. The last of hers. He bruised boys in the training yard, and when deemed old enough he rode on his own in the war-bands, settling disputes and going head long into battles with wildlings. His own wild behavior earned him many friends and enemies. It also gained him the name: Mad Gidion Stark.

At age eighteen, he had a disagreement with Boltons on their land, that saw him severely wounded and returned with a Dreadfort smile. Despite the scarring, Gidion recovered and sought vengeance, and paid the three men in kind. Lord Stark sent him to guard the bounds then to appease Bolton pride, and hope that wildlings would take care of his son, or that his son would prove worth.

Gidion loved his exile proving grounds. There men flocked to fight and range, and there it was rumored he took a spearwife. Some say he killed her at his Father's request as he even in his poorest behavior is loyal to kin and ling friends. Some say Wildlings did, but he is said to have fathered a bastard. Either way when recalled, he came back like fire tempered steel. Stronger, colder. His father approved and had him wed a lady of Bear Island as boon to the Mormonts. Lady Hellan.

It was no lived filled marriage. But she was his equal in Mind and could handle diplomacy where he was skilled in the blade. In his way he loves her. She bore him children, and to show hos pride and love he gifted her a fine axe and armor. Gifts enough for her. She tempered him and he weathered her. A good partnership.

It was recently under his nephew, that he earned his stain to honor. An old friend named Maq Ryswell came from The Wall seeking asylum. Gidion was disgusted, but loyal to a fault. He told the deserter to get off his land, and he'd not tell. He was given bread and water, but no aid beyond.

Rumors began that Gidion was harboring the crow, and in league with deserters on his land. Angered and betrayed by his long time friend, Gidion sent his family away and hunt down the Ryswell. He returned with a head and was locked up for it as no truth could be found. Though with Wildlings about, Cregan has released him, with the understanding he cannot return North again, and will be south: serving the interests of the Night's Watch

RP Hooks

Trouble at Home Gidion is well known in the North as one of the Stark Lords and loyal fighters. Recently though there has been some rumor that he was taken in chains at Winterfell. This was supposedly to have occurred after he sent his family to Oldtown, and after returning to a court summons with head in hand.
Bloody Boltons Some time in his youth, Gidion visited the Dreadfort on official Stark business. It is unknown how it happened, but the Boltons promptly sent him back wounded and sporting a Dreadfort Smile. (Common to real world: Glasgow smile). After healing up Gidion returned and killed two of the three men said to have been involved before leaving again. The Bolton's asked for justice and Gidion was sent to the outermost of the Stark lands.


Noted Warrior Scarred
Wealth:Comfortable Loyal
Stained Cunning



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