"I don't want to be a Lady!"
Danielle Campbell
Danielle Campbell as Genevra Stark
Name: Genevra Stark
Aliases: Gene and Ginny if you want to make her mad…
Faction: The North
Organization: House Stark
Occupation: Noble Child
Rank: Great Noble Lady
Age: Mar 10 109 (12)


A young girl in her early teen years. There is a confidence and grace to her and she carries herself with pride despite a lack of ladylike mannerisms. Her skin is a light ivory, pale but without any visible flaws other than the occasional smear of dirt. Deep black hair is long reaching past her shoulder to her mid back. It is currently pulled into a single rather tight braid that hangs down her back. Stormy eyes are a dark shade of grey that is quite close to black. Those eyes are large, expressive, wide and framed by thick lashes. A rounded face with, a small pointed nose, full cheeks and plump rosy lips ends at the rather dramatic point of her chin. A slender neck leads down to a youthful young body on the verge of change. She is a slight little thing petite and graceful but her choice of attire is somewhat odd. Rather than a pretty dress she wears a loose fitting white long-sleeved shirt with a dark blue doublet over it. The doublet was obviously made for a boy and is paired with matching dark blue breeches that tuck into smart black boots. Atop her head is a black tri-cornered hat with a blue feather tucked into it. Often she is seen carrying an elegantly crafted shortbow and a quiver of arrows and she always seems to have a dagger tucked into a sheath in her belt.


Genevra is the daughter of Lord Gidion Stark and Lady Hellan Stark nee Mormont. As the offical baby of her family and a girl it seemed she would be well protected and raised to be the perfect Stark lady. That would have been if not for her personality. Genevra came out screaming her protests and hasn't stopped yet. As a babe she was fussy and as she grew that fussiness turned into rebellion. Rather than doing her lessons she ran off to play with her older brother Wylliam. She got into fights with boys and even though she often lost she kept getting back up. She climbed towers and leaped from trees tearing her dresses until she convinced her family that pants would be a better option as she did not intend to stop her adventurers. She was a fairly charming child and she could bluff with the best skill a child could muster. She enjoyed riding and swimming and practicing archery and even managed to charm her brother into teaching her a bit about using daggers. She was a quick study even though her father caught her and forbid her continuing she kept up with her practice. She did not want to be a helpless maiden waiting for rescue she wanted to be her own hero. In fact her only true skill that could be considered ladylike was her music and ability to sing. She often spent time in the gardens when she was confined to the castle with only a harp and her voice for company. She was playful adventurous and loved excitement and danger like most proper ladies feared it. When her mother declared they were leaving for Oldtown she and her brother packed to leave. Genevra never knew why they were leaving she didn't ask and she knew her mother would never tell. She was distant with her mother at best and her father always seemed to have something to critique her for. She was excited for the trip knowing it meant a new adventure was just around the corner and the swimming holes down south where bound to be better than the ones up north or at least less cold.

RP Hooks

  • Noble Child
  • Loves Fighting and Adventure
  • Skilled Singer and Musician
  • Unladylike


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Rebellious
  • Would Rather Be a Boy
  • Always Up To Something

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Mother - I don't know…she is more like a really strict teacher than a mother. She is rarely around and when she is the distance between us shows. I know I should probably try harder but she never really tried to get to know me and as long as she expects me to marry some old lord and be his wife and a proper lady we will never see eye to eye.


Father - Ugh…he is always criticizing and telling me what I should be and act like. He annoys me at best and makes me furious at his worst…and yet my greatest fear is making him mad and having him marry me off to some old lord who will cage and criticize me worse than he does.


Older Brother - He's fun and we get along fairly well. We played together often when we were younger and I like to think we are close and that he will be there for me if I need it…which I won't but the thought is nice.



Acquaintance - We met at the docks and he didn't ask questions about why I was there. He was nice, friendly, funny and offered to teach me to throw daggers. I think I like him!


Acquaintance - A knight. He is nice and wears golden chainmail that really stands out and has these two beautiful blades. He even gave me a little lesson in using them! I really hope he will teach me more. Mother doesn't like him which I don't understand at all…I think she thinks I like him the other way…which is silly as he is married.


Acquaintance - A nice squire who offered to teach me about swordplay in exchange for news and the latest rumors. I agreed and am looking forward to learning from him.


Stranger - Daevon…its a mans name but he looks like woman. Is he a woman in disguise or just a really pretty man? Confusing but interesting! I hope I get the chance to actually speak with him soon.


Stranger - The current Lord of Oldtown. He seems okay but mother gave me the 'behave or else' look when she introduced us so I suspect I will have to at least try and be civil with him if we meet again.


Stranger - She knew I was a noble even though I was dressed as a commoner for the night. Very perceptive and mysterious but she accepted that I want to learn to fight rather than be a lady so she can't be all bad right?


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