Lord Pansy of Whimsy
Jaco Van Den Hoven
Jaco Van Den Hoven as Garvin Tyrell
Name: Garvin Tyrell
Aliases: Lord Pansy, Lord of Whimsy
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Lord
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: 18 (24 Dec 102)

Garvin was sent back to Highgarden.


This is a very androgynous young man. Looking to be in his late teens or early twenties, he stands right around six feet tall, with a wiry, athletically thin build. His brown hair is cut to shoulder length, hanging in unruly curls. His face is dashingly handsome, yet also a bit girlish, with a tapered jaw, straight nose, and rather pouty lips. His eyes are piercing, gold-flecked brown.

He is garbed in exquisite clothes. On his head is a flat-crowned hat with a broad brim, trimmed with ostrich feathers and small purple pansies. A puffy-sleeved blouse of purple is worn under a tight, sleeveless doublet of dark green satin, slit and laced along the sides and up the front. The blouse's collar has large ruffles, starched to be very stiff and patterned with the petals and leaves of flowers, while the sleeves are long and dagged, covered in the same embroidered pattern. Over the doublet is a sleeveless jerkin of deep purple velvet, with full skirts that hang to the knees. Over his left breast is his personal device, a large purple pansy below two golden Tyrell roses, on a field of green.


Below the doublet is a pair of loose velvet trunks, a darker shade of purple than the blouse. Positioned correctly at the front of the trunks is a codpiece of hard, black leather. His nether leggings are tight hose of dark green, with golden clocking embroidered from ankle halfway to his knee. Black shoes are polished to an indigo shine. Over his shoulders is a heavy simarre trimmed in fox fur and lined with cloth-of-gold.



Garvin Tyrell was born to the Lord and Lady Tyrell behind the flowered walls of Highgarden, and that is where he has spent the majority of his life: safely ensconced amid gardens and flowerbeds. A rather frail and sensitive child, he showed little interest in causing violence, though from a young age, he loved to watch the gallant knights jousting in the lists. Of more interest to him, however, were the songs, poems, and legends of chivalry. While his brother Matrim was swinging a wooden sword in the practice grounds, Garvin was sitting at the feet of a harper. It was soon discovered that he had a talent for singing himself, and shortly after, he began to learn to play a harp as well.


And yet, he was a son of the Warden of the South, and his lord father insisted he learn to use a blade. Not suited for heavy armor and weighty swords, he pleaded mercy from his lady mother, who convinced Lord Tyrell to send, at great expense, for one of the Water Dancers of Braavos to teach the graceful art that more suited the younger Tyrell son. When he saw the master demonstrate his skill, Garvin fell at once in love with Water Dancing, as it seemed to him a more elegant and romantic form of swordplay than anything he’d ever seen. He took to his lessons with ardor, and though he is never likely to win a tourney, where jousting is favored, he can put on an entertaining show at unhorsed swordplay


To his lord father’s disappointment, Garvin has the heart of a poet, rather than a warrior, more likely to spend his days scrawling romantic epics in a garden and his nights drinking and singing in a feast hall than preparing for “true man’s work.” Though none dare say it openly, snickering whispers at court name him Lord Pansy. Though Garvin himself minds not a bit, when these whispers reached his lord father’s ears, Lord Tyrell was furious. Fearing his son had grown too soft and delicate in Highgarden’s hothouses, he has decided to uproot the Pansy and transplant him in the less pampered gardens of Oldtown, where his brother and younger sister, Alaura, already dwell.

Garden Isle Manse


While in Oldtown, the Tyrell family dwells at Garden Isle Manse. The manse sits on a small island in the Honeywyne River, connected to Sphinx Street by a defended bridge. The manse has its own stables and kennel, as well as a large, walled garden. Find out more about Garden Isle here.


The Whimsy

The Theatre of Whimsical Dreams, better known as simply The Whimsy, has been a feature in Oldtown for nearly two hundred years. Roughly ten years ago, a fire gutted the interior, and the mummers company that owned it at the time went bankrupt rebuilding it. Ownership of the theater then passed to the company’s creditor, the Iron Bank of Braavos. Though several small companies have rented the theater for various small performances, it seemed like the days of grand, expensive plays were a thing of the past.

But all that has changed. Lord Garvin Tyrell, better known as Lord Pansy, is now the sole owner of the Whimsy, and he has begun putting on plays, which he writes himself. See more about the Whimsy.

Plays that have been performed:

Artwork Gallery

Here you can view the many comic-y images Garvin's player has made of various characters on Game of Bones: Artwork Gallery.



Wealth: Opulent

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