Character Details
Ken Duken
Ken Duken as Garvey Greyjoy
Name: Garvey Greyjoy
Aliases: The Whirlwind
Faction: The Iron Islands
Organization: House Greyjoy
Occupation: The Captain and The Heir
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Aug 6 88 (32)

Lord Garvey Returned to the Iron Islands.


Garvey, known as The Whirlwind, has long light tangled hair, which falls on his face, usually embracing a careless smirk. A beard is equally left without care. Little eyes watch from the deep of his rugged face, in a fading tone of green. The man is really tall and handsome. He looks very strong and has these broad shoulders, strong chest and firm hands, which can carry heavy things or strongly hold the blade.

A leather torned red jacket is always his wearing of preference. There are white shirts under it and some kind of wooden talisman is tangling on his chest. He is always in his black leather trousers and the sword is beside his side. His attire remind one of a pirate or a smuggler, more than the one of a good nobleman.


Garvey's parents first meeting is about as romantic as an Ironborn story can get. It was a vicious raid, during which Grodon claimed his future wife Merricent Greyjoy nee Tyrell for himself. So, Garvey's father laid siege to Blackcrown for the sole purpose to make his future wife a widow first. Merricent Tyrell was promised to Grodan Greyjoy when they were young. But politics shifted and she was instead married to Jonah Bullwer of Blackcrown. One of the hardships the year before Garvey was born was that his grandfather was died at sea and his father was made ruler of the Iron Islands. One of his first things as ruler was to go get himself a wife! So down the coast the Ironmen went, pillaging and raiding and making it clear that Grodan was no man to be triffled with. But when it came to the moment when Grodan and Jonah came face to face Jonah grabbed up Merri by the arm and held his sword to her throat, claiming that Grodan would never have her. In a lightning fast strike the Ironborn man cleaved Jonah's sword arm free of his body. But Merricent was caught in the blow as well. She was struck in the elbow rending her left arm useless for the rest of her life. But the wound was not mortal. The same could not be said for Jonah who bled out quickly. Merricent and Grodan were married on the deck of his ship in the setting sun as they sailed back north, home. Grodan had what he wanted and ever since The Reach has been safe from Ironmen attacks.

Within the years after that the Iron Island actually saw as much prosperity as their bleak little islands can provide. Craggy cliffs and fields were covered in pillaged sheep and their descendants. Many a salt wife won in those raids gave their Ironmen healthy children. The same went for Merri and Grodan. Grodan soon had enough sons that when old enough could mean a fleet of captains for him to command. They also had several girls as well and they were married off to Ironborn Nobles. A good healthy brood, but there was a runt in the brood, Millicent, she was born early and compared to the rest of her brother and sisters and her father's family she was scrawny and weak. However, Garvey was lucky to be the strongest, or more important, the fastest one of his brothers and sisters. The Whirlwind, that's how he was called. The boy managed to race even his own twin brother and be born as the first son to the lord Grodan.


He was not just fast to run around Iron Islands, but he showed so much eager to travel by ships, especially during the storms, this way showing his courage, wilderness and strength. Garvey became the pride of his father - the best heir anyone could hope to have, until the boy started to grew up. It looked like he became married to the sea, his ship "The Huricane", and his sword, while he was totally not interested into the marriage. Well, he loved women, he loved all these whores and how much pleasure they gave, but he never had time to settle. Where you could find a wife, which would love to have ship instead of the castle? Moreover, all tehse proper lectures to prepare him to be the Lord of the Greyjoy family someday… No time for marriage!

So, while almost all his sisters and brothers found wifes and husbands, Garvey was just the Whirlwind in the sea and he still is, even if he is 32 years old. However, even his wild behaviour did not stole the pride from his father. It is rumored, that Garvey's ship never faced the defeat and his whole crew is incredibly faithful for their Captain, who manages to bring so much glory and treasures. Garvey is like true man from Iron Isles. He never decorates himself with glinting things, unless it is taken from others in a fight. Also, he always repeats: "The rats of the sea will see how those of the land are rotting."

The man practically lived on the ship, he even was trained there to use his sword, because Garvey was the squire to his uncle, who also had his ship. So, the boy served there until he was able to get his own ship and be knighted. Garvey's twin brother was always somewhere behind. The boys never was too similar. The twin brother was way more smaller, but always more clever. That is why they were a good team, where the Whirlwind was running somewhere and his little brother running after. They were really close. Two pieces of the puzzle, and they were able to fulfill each other.

Finally, after many journeys everywhere, except Oltown, the winds turned Garvey''s ship to the Oldtown's direction. Maybe it would be better to say, that his twin brother and father dragged the man to the land in order to steal a woman for himself and get all these iron babys before it is too late. There are rumors, that father threatened Garvey to find a wife or he will make the twin brother as heir, and the twin brother doesn't want to become the head of the house. Never.

But, of course, there are and many other reasons like trade, alliances, and maybe even peeking at the youngest sister. After all, the wine is really taste in the Oldtown and maybe these new fragile whores, who are lack of firm hands of iron women may offer something fun for the Qhirlwind too?! So, he was not struggling too much.

RP Hooks

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  • Booming Voice - this is the strain braught to Garvey by blood or by thunder, which was blustered outside, when he was born and had as loudly as possible to announce about his arrival to the world, if he wanted to be heared. But likely, it was braught by blood, because the man has the same three volume settings: Loud, louder, and friggin' LOUD, as her father. However, it really annoys the man, because sometimes the need of adventures requires of the silent murmur, but the man has to stop all the words leaving his throat if he doesnt want to get into trouble, if he wants to reach the goal of his wild journey.
  • Reckless - Sometimes you just do not have time to think. You need to take the action in your hands and react quickly, boldly, bravely at the events around you. This is what Garvey does the best. However, sometimes he just doesn‘t want to think. It‘s more fun this way.
  • Troublemaker – Some says, that Garvey is always recklessly looking for a trouble. However, he prefers to form the sentence differently. He usually claims that the troubles are recklessly looking for him and he is just unable to hide from such curse. Well, the truth can‘t be told. But the fact is the fact, that there is Garvey, there is trouble too and it doesn‘t matter who follows who.
  • Acute Vision - Garvey's gaze is so sharp, so keen, that in the middle of the storm, when the clouds are mixing with the sea, he can notice a tiny bird in the far far horizon.
  • Weath: Well-to-do - Garvey is the heir of the Iron Islands, and he is successful commander of his ship.They fight pirates, they fight and they get treasure!

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