Garden Isle Manse

Garden Isle Manse

Centuries ago, this small island in the Honeywine River was called Gardener's Isle, and the palatial manse served as the home for House Gardener when in Oldtown. With the destruction of that family and the elevation of House Tyrell, Garden Isle passed into Tyrell hands and has been their home-away-from-Highgarden ever since.

The island isn't very large, but most of it remains undeveloped, with lush green lawns and wide-spanning trees. The manse itself is three stories high, with square towers at two corners and a round rookery tower at another. A large, walled garden rests to the north of the manse, with the manse's main doors to the south.


The island can be reached by boat or by crossing a wide bridge from Sphinx Street. The bridge itself is guarded by two gatehouses, one at either end, each with a stout iron portcullis.

The island also sports horse stables and kennels for hunting hounds. A large, open practice yard stretches between the bridge gatehouse and the manse, providing plenty of space for the Tyrells and their men-at-arms to hone their swordplay and archery skills.


Garvin Garvin
Lord Garvin Tyrell
Greydon Greydon
Ser Greydon Tyrell
Katya Katya
Lady Katya Ball
Keyte Keyte
Lady Keyte Tyrell
Kesha Kesha
Lady Kesha Tyrell
Janei Janei
Lady Janei Tyrell
Lisette Lisette
Lady Lisette Tyrell
Alaura Alaura
Lady Alaura Tyrell
Joss Joss
Joss Flowers
Rhaen Rhaen
Rhaen the valet
Jacsen Jacsen
Maester Jacsen
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