Character Details
Edgar Ramirez
Edgar Ramirez as Gael Allyrion
Name: Gael Allyrion
Aliases: The Red Hand of Godsgrace
Faction: Dorne
Organization: None
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: May 4 91 (29)


Standing at 6'2" the man before you is tall and wiry. Long limbs and torso well chorded with muscles that leave no line, and give him a rather wiry appearance. His own slight frame gives him a deceptively lean look. His hair is a mop of unruly black to lighter brown, and falls to his shoulders. Stubble of the same make hangs about his strong jaw, where as his eyes hold bright green in appearance. His skin is an olive tan, marking him as a Dornishman. Though he may seem slight he moves with the confidence and grace of a man who has spent his years in combat.

A dark colored undershirt is worn beneath a black tunic, with a short collar that sits above knees. Over this a short sleeved Haurberk of malie is worn, this in turn is covered by a red sleeveless surcoat, it's tails coming down over his shins. The final bits of armor, include a harness of copper scales. The thick round discs overlapping. At his left shoulder a Leather cauldron has been attached, where as a vambrace is worn over his right forearm. Drab brown pants are tucked into Armored boots. About his waist a leather belt is cinched, and there blade hangs in it's scabbard.


Gael Allyrion, the Red Hand of Godsgrace, is the bird sun of Lord Aiden Allyrion, and thus in no real position of inheritance. This was made known to the young man, who poured his pursuits into that of the knightly station. Something he knew he could achieve. He was squired under Ser Yohn Yronwood until the time he was knighted. Upon doing so, he was presented to the Martell court at Sunspear by his father-and then was off to the marches where he served with great honor and distinction in the Prince's name.

His actions of heroism, and ruthlessness earned him the nickname of the Red hand. As his ambushes and accolades grew, he was recalled to Sunspear to serve in the Prince's household. An honor to be sure. As it was he was set as a knight in care of one Mariya Martell-and when she left to go to Westeros, it was the Red Hand, that the Prince sent to help keep an eye on her.

Gael is a man, who can make friends, easily enough and is loyal to his charge. However he is known for his temper, which can be set off in a second. It is rumored he was seeking a fight with another courtier, and that was the real reason for his being sent with Mariya to Westeros.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Hot Temper
  • Holds Grudges
  • Sleeps Anywhere
  • Romantic
  • Guerrilla Fighter

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