The King's Chimera
Gwilym Pugh
Gwilym Pugh as Fiero 'Fireforge'
Name: Fiero 'Fireforge'
Aliases: Red Ram of the East, The King's Chimera
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Blacksmith
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Oct 20 84 (37)

"Of the four elements, air, earth, water, and fire
man stole only one from the gods. Fire. And
with it, man forged his will upon the world."


Fiero is a barrel chested man with a considerable gut which careens several inches over his belt. The broad shouldered portly ginger keeps a long, long beard that tapers into the style of Qohor, he wears it in a long single braid. He is bald on top, mostly in the front and his receding hairline grows thicker closer to the sides of his head. His face is not unattractive but it bears a handsome gruffness that is almost unbecoming. His heavy brow is accented by crow's feet and age lines marred permanently into his forehead.

Fiero wears the clothing of a hard worker, blacksmithing attire smudgedmanyth soot and burns. His right arm is hidden in a long thick leather glove which comes all the way to his shoulder where it is has been belted and buckled to half cuirass which stops above his considerable gut. The chest piece covers his heart and its leather back acts as a sort of brace for heavy lifting. On his chest, emblazoned skillfully in the steel is a ram headed serpent.


The story begins long before the boy Fiero was born. Fiero's father, a man named Fieran, was the product of a long line of men called Fireforge. His family had worked the Targaryen Forges and, once upon a time, tended the Dragonpit it was rumored. Fieran was born in slums of King's Landing, south end of fleabottom was what had become of the family through long years of selfless service to the crown. Fireforges had always done as they were asked. The King's favor came to the long suffering, ever loyal, family when he asked of a twenty three year old Fieran that he embark on lifelong quest for the Glory of the blood secrets of old Valyeria. Fieran Fireforge was sent in secret service of the King to seek the black forges of Qohor and return with the forgotten ways of reforging Valyrian steel and other dark magics.

Fieran moved to Qohor but found the insular traditions and ways of the Black Goat cruel and unyielding. He learned the tongue and lived among the people spending time trying to seek favor from the smithies and priests who tended the Black Forges. He simpered to the priests of the Black Goat that they may trust his piety as the years went on but always they treated him as an outsider seeking secrets. In a final effort to secure his quest Fieran married a horrid spinster. This woman had been her father's only child. The woman was a daughter of one of the mages who had passed and with him dead and her losing her womb by the year it seemed fitting to produce a pastel bastard with the only man in Qohor clever and desperate enough to wed the woman. Fiero was the only product of their union. The marriage went through using the Fireforge name; Fieran had long lied about his own minor nobility. His son was called Little Lord Firetop(as a boy), Red Ram and many other names in reference to his unique mixed coloring. He stood out in Qohor. It made him a target in many ways, the Black Goat claimed him young and the Master of the Blackforge told Fieran when Fiero was born that if he sacrificed the boy at age ten he would earn entrance into the traditions. Fiero found out about this Prophecy by age nine and killed his father in his sleep before the old Westerosi bastard could make the decision. There had been rumors he was fleeing back to Westeros and the information was leaked to the boy to see how he would react.

The Masters were so impressed they offered the young Fiero, a true son of Qohor, born there, the place his father's hardwork and grandfather's blood earned him at the Forge. Fiero was trained in the secrets and ways of the Qohor lore and old world smithing yet he was ever an outsider. He proved this time and again with his stubborn ways, he refused the arranged marriage they made for him and instead had several bastards with different women. His three sons are with him to this day aging 10, 13 and 15. (Fafnir, Boyg and Guivre))

A call for Fiero's sacrifice came around again in his thirties, the Black Goat wanted his blood, the Masters intended to sacrifice him on his fortieth birthday. It is rumored many human sacrifices in Qohor are political in nature, Little Birds had brought to light the fact his father had always been a spy. Fiero was coy though and found out early… torture and other tactics revealed to him that his head was wanted by the Priests. This sacrificial coincidence had something to do with his father being loyal to the crown in the West, even in death he left instructions behind for his son that the King owed them a favor. Fiero felt his little family might be safer if he fled with his knowledge. So they did, he snuck in the night to King's Landing and his name 'Fireforge' held just enough fame to receive audience with The King. Fieran's service was considered done. Fieran's son returned with the knowledge he himself could not retrieve- it took generations but the best secrets often do. The King's Favor won, Fiero was promised a forge in any smithy in the Kingdom. He requested Oldtown.

RP Hooks

  • Renowned Blacksmith: Owns the Smithy on Champion's Way, nestled near the Tourney Grounds.
  • Father: Has three trouble making teen boys. "What'd they break this time?"
  • Targaryen Attack Goat: Fiero will do almost anything a Targaryen asks of him within reason. Then again, he's also done rather unreasonable things on their behalf too…


  • King's Favor
  • Perfectionist
  • Trained in Qohor
  • Talented Hunter
  • Wealth: Middle Class
  • Lacks Mercy - Loyal to Targaryens


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