Character Details
Alexandra Dowling
Alexandra Dowling as Fennel
Name: Fennel
Aliases: None
Faction: The Reach
Organization: None
Occupation: Chandler
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Aug 12 102 (18)


Standing at five feet and a hand or so, this young woman carries an air of self surety and dignity about her. Her features denote some measure of good breeding: fair skin, good teeth and high, angular cheekbones as well as impeccable hygiene give her a striking appearance, although the impertinent snub of her nose and the thickness of her lips hints at much less fortunate origins. Beneath a dark and sharply arched brow, her wide set eyes are a bold and brilliant blue.

Long, dark hair has been coaxed into a tidy plait which is left to hang over one shoulder, occasionally woven through with small purple flowers, should the season permit. Otherwise her clothing is plain and pragmatic: a simple grey tunic and trousers of good quality material and unornamental cut, a pair of sturdy boots, and a hardy belt from which is suspended a small purse, a pair of leather gloves and a sheathed dagger. If the weather demands it, there is the addition of a warm woolen cloak.


Fennel never knew her father, and knew her mother only peripherally throughout her childhood. She was born in a scullery to one of the maids, her father's identity a mystery; to avoid losing her position, Fennel's mother sent the child to her own mother in turn, and thus Fennel was raised by her grandmother.

Old age had taken none of Granny's independence. She lived far enough outside the city to maintain a tiny cottage surrounded by beehives and lavender flowers, from which she made her living. Every day she toiled tirelessly to render honey, soaps and candles from her bees' products, and twice a week she piled her wares onto her small wagon and drove it into the city to sell. As soon as Fennel was old enough to hold a broom, she was expected to pull her own weight. The young girl earned her keep at first by doing assigned chores and later, as she grew into a quick and competent young woman, by keeping house and preparing her grandmother's meals. At the age of ten, she began to learn Granny's craft.

Apiculture requires a great deal of patience and shrewdness, two qualities which Granny nursed most purposefully in her granddaughter, along with the notion that an experience being painful does not rob it of its value. Fennel endured a great deal of pain in learning to care for her grandmother's beloved partners in business, but under Granny's careful guidance she developed a liking for it. There was a quiet peace in the work of making candles and soaps, and the medicinal and culinary principles of honey were fascinating to her. Although she worked hard, her curiosity and desire to learn were nurtured and she flourished, developing a peculiar sense of humor as she grew and learning to take great pleasure in solitude and industry.

From time to time, her mother came to visit. Their relationship has always been one of polite awkwardness, and the visits slowed and then stopped after Granny's death shortly after Fennel's eighteenth birthday. For nearly a year she has lived on her own, continuing her existence of quiet work and voluntary loneliness. She takes great pride in her ability to fend for herself.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth:Middle Class
  • Authoritative
  • Can Sell Wildlings Ice
  • Careful Diplomat
  • Bastard Born
  • Drinks Like a Fish

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