Iron Fist, Velvet Glove
Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek as Faustra Iltonis
Name: Faustra Iltonis
Aliases: The Velvet Glove
Faction: Iron Bank of Braavos
Organization: Iron Bank of Braavos
Occupation: Financier
Rank: Mistress
Age: 27

Faustra was recalled to Braavos.


Mistress Faustra Iltonis is a woman on the later side of her twenties or earlier side of her thirties. She's petite, just an inch or two over the five foot mark, but her full, curved figure and the purposeful, self-possessed way she carries herself seems to give her added stature. Her skin is darker than the average Reach woman, and she speaks with a rich, rolling accent common among the people of Braavos. She has a strong face with high cheekbones, full lips usually brushed with oils to make them seem redder or darker than is strictly natural, and large dark eyes that flash with a sharp, penetrating sort of intelligence. Her long, dark curls are currently swept up, held in place with tiny golden pins. The style is both simple and elegant, and has the added benefit of keeping her hair out of her face.


Faustra Iltonis has come to Oldtown as part ambassador, part entrepreneur, and part enforcer on behalf of the Iron Bank of Braavos.

Faustra's been in the employ of the bank, in one way or another, since she was fourteen. First as a clerk and scribe, doing lowly tasks like filing records and copying. Then as an assistant to the moneylenders who traveled to places like Essos and King's Landing, to both give gold and take it away - along with other things - from those who hadn't paid their debts. She quickly proved herself adept at collecting debts and brokering deals that were always far more in the Bank's favor than in the customer's. And, while she's not given to dealing out violence herself (her father taught her a little waterdancing, but that never extended beyond some utilitarian dagger skills), she knows when to employ a bodyguard enforcer to break some kneecaps when a charming smile and clever tongue won't suffice. She is called "The Velvet Glove," among her Braavosi peers. Her soft exterior is a useful mask for the Bank's iron fist.

This has earned her the opportunity to head up the expansion of the Bank's operation in Oldtown. Her mission is to make the Bank's branch on Guildhouse Row a more permanent, open operation that could more actively lend - and collect - in the city. It seems a fertile ground, between the wealth of the Reach nobles and the flow of gold from trade on the seas. She also seeks to make it an unofficial embassy for gathering and support of the Braavosi citizens in Oldtown. And, far less officially, open up connections with less savory aspects of the city. It is a land filled with promise, if one knows how to work the angles.


  • Foreigner: Braavosi
  • Iron Fist, Velvet Glove
  • Wealth: Well Off

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