Character Details
Miles McMillan
Miles McMillan as Faren
Name: Faren
Aliases: None
Faction: The Reach
Organization: None
Occupation: Servant
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Dec 20 102 (18)


A slightly short young man with a slender almost lithe build. His skin is a light olive tone, smooth and without a single flaw. Black hair is slightly wavy falling down to just past his shoulders and brushed back behind his small ears Trimmed black brows are low-set over eyes of a startling shade of green. Those almond shaped eyes are the shade of polished emerald gems, bright and expressive. His features are softer than one might expect on a man. His nose is long slender and lightly pointed, his lips small and full, and his face has no trace of facial hair. That slim body is dressed in simple clothing. Currently that means a long sleeved shirt of dark green linen with dark brown breeches, and a matching belt and boots. A small coinpurse hangs from his belt along with a few small leather pouches.


Faren was born in Oldtown. His mother worked as a housekeeper and after a one night stand with a charming Dornish bastard she had her first child which was Faren. Faren grew up helping his mother with her work and when she finally married and had more childred Faren was already learning to cook, clean and sew. His mother's husband wasn't sure what to think of the too pretty half Dornish boy and yet Faren was always polite to then man trying his best to earn acceptance if nothing else. It made it very hard to hate him. When Faren was nine was gifted a lute on his nameday. It was then the natural talent he possesed was revealed. Faren had an instict with music he knew how to play just the right notes at the right time to make a beautiful melody and yet he was extremely shy about letting others hear him play. He was weaker than most boys but very clever and quick. As he grew so did his family, he had siblings which he helped take care of but when his mother retired from her work when Faren was eighteen he decided to start looking for a job of his own. He hoped he could find work as a servant with one of the noble houses in Oldtown.

RP Hooks

  • Servant Looking for Work.
  • Has Natural Musical Talent


  • Wealth: Middle Class
  • Physically Weak
  • Loyal to a Fault
  • Trusts Easily
  • Attractive

IC Events

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Lory Lory
A young Lannister Lord and a possible employer. A very kind and accepting young man in Faren's mind. There maybe something else there as well and Faren is quite charmed by Lory's actions towards him so far.
Lynette Lynette
Lory's sister, a flirt and a tease but Faren doesn't mind….not much anyway. She embarrasses him a bit and makes him blush but Faren is determined to get along with her even if that means getting teased mercilessly…
Mathis Mathis
A knight of House Tarth and another possible employer. Faren never expected to have a choice in who he worked for…now he has two very good possibilities and no idea what to do. Mathis seems polite and kind and perhaps a bit playful as well. Faren is charmed by him as well.


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