Character Details
Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan as Faelan Fowler
Name: Faelan Fowler
Aliases: the Talon
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Dayne
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Apr 10 99 (24)


The Talon has sun-kissed bronze skin without a blemish, aside from the long scar that runs from his left brow down to his jaw in a thin pale line, and others one can occassionally catch a glimpse of on his arms or chest. A thick, full head of wavy brown hair crowns the Dornishman some six feet from the ground, just long enough to be tied back into a short tail or to frame his striking green eyes if not. Chiseled features and a strong jaw are perpetually marked by dark stubble, other than the thin line of his scar.

Faelan is a slender man though thickly muscled, and usually covered in dark silks with bronze accents, though it varies for occasion. What doesn't is that he almost always carries his spear with him unless specifically barred from doing so. It is a simple black affair with a long red sash tied where shaft meets long blade and hook, except for a soaring hawk in the blade, and a short curved Dornish blade in a sheath on his hip. Aside from this, he bears no jewlery or ornaments of any kind.


Faelan Fowler was born to be a second son, and couldn't be any more the child of Ser Ferran Fowler and Lady Sabela Dayne. The Talon came into this world the way he'd live in it; tumultuously. He gave his mother a terrible time of it in labor and she's fond of reminding him he has never slowed down since.

Faelan was the quintessential Dornish boy. He loved hunts, and spears, and hawks, and was always underfoot chasing his father and sister around whenever allowed to get a chance to play. Efforts to calm the rowdy youngling were almost never successful, although his older sister Alaeyna has always known how to appeal to his 'younger brother' admiration of her to be able to rein him in. Mostly. To make matters worse, he learned early on that with a winning smile and flash of his big green eyes he could enlist the aid of any of the young women about the Fowler household to get what he wanted.

Faelan is a lover. Growing up in a house with an older sister being groomed to lead and an older half-brother to look up to, the finer points of court life and intrigue never meant anything to him. To stand out and gain attention with such grandiose personalities as Ferran, Alaeyna, and Ryam, he had to not only excel at the spear and on the hunt, but by always being ready to make them laugh. It was a childhood anyone in any of the Seven Kingdoms would have envied, and one not taken lightly by the Talon, even at a young age. Family always was the most important thing to Faelan as a result, and he's fiercely loyal and protective of all of them. He is even loyal to the hawk which inspires the sigil of his House, proving his love when his own hawk raked a long scar from brow to jaw that would never fully fade. He refused to be treated until he was assured of the hawk's safety, fiercely asking his father "What good is a hawk without it's talon?"

One might have hoped as he grew older he'd grow more calm in kind, but it was not meant to be. It was no surprise to anyone when his father sent him to squire for an old family friend and it was no surprise to anyone that he thrived in his new station in life. His Knight often liked to joke that it was as if he was born in the saddle with a spear in hand. The only difficulty came in learning to blunt his bull headed nature to properly carry out his role as squire. The Knight in question was no stranger to strong willed lordlings and had a reputation that even Faelan could not ignore. Ser Arlan Dayne was able to do what even his sister before him could not; instill in the young Fowler that not all battles could be won with hawk and lance and spear. He learned to use his looks and his charm to make friends or lovers of enemies and hear whispers. He even found an interest in studying the building of castles and bridges and siege engines and the like with the maesters.

Sadly, this growth ended abruptly when news of his father's death reached the Talon. Convinced it was his fault for not having been knighted and riding at his father's side, Faelan and Arlan infamously quarreled over his readiness to earn his spurs and leave the famous knight's service. While those there will likely never forget the passionate, near-violent argument, the accord they came to in the end would be more noteworthy to everyone else. Faelan was to join an upcoming tourney, with a wager regarding his spurs and his service to the Dayne's as the stakes. He ended up winning both the melee and the joust in furious fashion, somewhat famously throwing his prizes at Ser Arlan's Dayne's feet before quitting the field. True to his word the Dayne knighted Faelan, aged 19, that night, although whether they made up as well is the topic of much speculation in Starfall and Skyreach. The Talon rode in search of his sister at first light. When he found her, he is rumored to have quipped to her, "What good is a hawk without its Talon?" He's served as hers ever since.

In the years since tempers have cooled and Faelan has grown used to serving House Fowler under his sister, the Fury of Skyreach. The Talon has never forgotten where his father died or at who's hands, though, and his hatred of men of the Reach is notable even amongst the Dornish. He has made a name for himself both as a border raider always looking for vengeance for his father, and as a tourney knight, where he is among those favored for victory at any he attends- few his age have won as often or performed as well as him. Yet his victories and accomplishments are always tempered by his time spent seducing women and carousing with his men. He is the ideal ally for his sister as a furious spear, loyal brother, and as someone men will gladly follow into battle, but most in Skyreach pray daily for Lady Alaeyna's good health because it is wisely feared his rash, bold behavior and quick temper would make for a poor Lord.

RP Hooks

Faelan is a knight renowned for his skill with a spear, his love of fighting Reachmen, and for winning tourneys. He is also a known heartbreaker; maybe he scorned you or someone you care for? You have his bastard? He killed your brother's uncle's friend's nephew? Anything involving drama, vengeance, intrigue, combat, witty banter, passionate love, or involving house Fowler/Lady Alaeyna.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Anointed Knight
  • Charismatic
  • Arrogant
  • Drinks Like a Fish
  • Famous:The Talon

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