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Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix as Everett Crane
Name: Everett Crane
Aliases: Septon, Brother Ev., Ev
Faction: Faith of the Seven/Dorne
Organization: Faith of the Seven, Dayne Household
Occupation: Septon/ Tutor/ Chaplain to House Dayne
Rank: Septon
Age: 42

Everett returned to Starfall.


The man before you stands at about six feet even. An unruly mop of dark brown hair, that shows flecks of grey is left mainly to it's own devices. His face is devoid of a beard-though stubble clings to his face. One would easily notice his slightly crooked nee, and the small scar on his lip, which gives his face a rather crooked countenance. His face is complete with dull green eyes.

Everett is dressed rather modestly. A thin shirt of Blue is tucked into trousers of grey-which in turn are glossed from well worn boots. Over this woolen robes of coal grey are worn. These are kept to the waist by a thick chord of rope. The robes fall to just above the ankle, and sleeves are wide enough to allow hands to slide in, as well as various other pockets and pouched hidden with in the simplistic design. Over shoulders a thick gorget of the same color in wool is worn-though this may be traded for hood and cowl on ill weather days. Lastly, cream colored wrapping is worn at the neck in a relaxed ykbolage of his calling-and the only ornamentation on him, beyond a ring on one hand-would be the rose beaded prayer chain that dangles from the belt. At the end a seven pointed star resides.


Ser Everett Crane, or rather as he was known as, Lucky Everett Crane, was not always a Septon. In his time, he was an accomplished knight and son from the Crane's of Red Lake. The majority of his time in the knighthood was spent, not in the Reach, but in defense of her settlements. With the normal Reachman contingent-he was focused on Dorne and spent his knightly career fighting the Dornish at every step.

He earned his byname, by surviving several ambushes which normally would have killed many if not all. Even though with all this fighting, Ser Crane never hated the Dornish. He in his time spent there, came to love the culture and the people immensely. For him he was fighting to preserve his overlords land and their way of life. He was fair and honorable-and showed quarter to prisoners. As it was the Dornish came to know him as a good knight. in this time, the skilled young Everett crossed blades with the Osric Dayne-the two being fierce fighters, and left each encounter with new if not begrudging respect. It came to the point where they would search each other out on a battle field if not to duel, then to talk briefly before the action. So impressed the Dayne was with Ser Everett, is that when his luck finally ran out, Osric stepped in. Crane had been gravely wounded and taken prisoner by a minor lord-who was thinking of removing his head. It was Osric Dayne who used his influence to have Everett taken as his own prisoner. The Daynes then saw to his rehabilitation and sent him back to the Reach when he was able. In this time a deep friendship was built, and Everett decided he could not yield a blade against the Dornish anymore. He forsake his knighthood vows and instead joined the clergy.

Ten years later, Dayne and Everett have been reunited. Though now it is as a Septon, advisor and friend that Crane operates. He has his place within the household, and though he has trouble with his celibacy-Everett is discreet so as not to bring shame onto the Dayne Household. A good friend, he hopes to repay Osric for his kindness one day.

And thus it's rumored he still has his armor and sword-kept in case a time might come to repay the life that was saved.

RP Hooks


  • Former knight
  • Discreet Indiscretions
  • Holy, Not Perfect
  • Loyal Friend
  • Lucky
  • More Dornish, than Reach

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Best Friend and Lord - I met Lord Osric Dayne, during my many fights in the Western Marches and various actions within Dorne. When I became gravely wounded, and was likely to be executed by a Manwoody, it was Dayne that paid my ransom and then nursed me back to health. Through him, I came to love the Dornish people even more. Sometimes I wonder why there is such hate between our people. I can only suspect greed. Greed for land, blood, glory is what makes that rift.


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