Lady Evaria Baratheon (NPC)
Mia Sara
Mia Sara as Evaria Baratheon
Name: Evaria Baratheon
Aliases: None
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Baratheon
Occupation: Lady
Rank: Lady
Age: 16


Dark curls frame a face of noble pallor, only marred slightly by the light blush that adorns the cheeks of this young maiden more often than not. Hazel eyes give some depth to the youthful beauteous innocence apparent in her features, complemented by an even nose and a pair of lips that are usually twisted in an ever present smile. Her slender frame is of average height and most often clad in gowns of lighter colors - but occasionally also Baratheon gold and black - with moderate neckline, long sleeves that grow wider towards the wrist, long skirts that conceal her legs nicely, but not the tiny slippers of calfskin, that can be glimpsed now and then, beneath the lower hem of the dress.


The youngest daughter of the current Lord Baratheon, Borros the Elder, has managed to live a rather guarded life so far, under the care of her mother, the current Lady Baratheon who is of the respectable Stormlands House Caron. Evaria's mother is the second wife though, of the Lord of Storm's End. Which caused occasionally some strain with the children of his first wife, namely the heir, Borros the Younger, but also a little with his two sisters. A good thing perhaps, that the fruits of this second marriage turned out to be only female, never to become a threat in regards to succession.

In a recent arrangement, Lord Baratheon has agreed to Evaria being betrothed to Ser Thadeus Tully, heir to Riverrun. And so this young comely maiden that is still unaware of the harsher sides of life in Westeros has travelled all the way to Oldtown, to visit a cousin of House Caron from her mother's side; coincidence, that the Tully heir happens to be there as well, still on orders of his father to secure trade deals with the Houses of Tyrell and Hightower. Evaria is accompanied by a retinue of guards and her Septa Jorianne who will watch over her safety.


  • Daddy's girl
  • Naive
  • Guarded youth

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Intended? - The heir of a Greater Lordly House, hence an advantageous match. Or so her father tells her.


Lord Baratheon
Father - tbd.


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