Character Details
Emilie Dequenne
Emilie Dequenne as Estelle Stone
Name: Estelle Stone
Faction: The Vale
Organization: House Royce
Occupation: Lady's Maid
Rank: Bastard
Age: Nov 14 105 (17)


A young woman of comfortably average height, with an abundant head of tousled auburn waves, pinned in ever-changing and elaborately complex coifs. Everything about her, from the twinkle in her hooded, slate-grey eyes, to the languid curl of her smile, right until the very tip of her fragile alabaster fingers, speaks of the languid softness of one who largely partakes in a life of entertaining and leisure, and has had little to do in the way of physical labour for the entirety of their lifespan. Her limbs are gracile and willowy, while her body show gently plump turns, encased in oft bold statements of fashion.


The bastard-born girl of the late Lord Yormar Royce's youngest sister Elisa one could say that the young Estelle Stone knew how to make an entrance even in her most tender years. Once the scandal was smoothed over and her mother was made a respectable match in the Riverlands - on the condition that the reminder of her youthful mistake be left behind in the Vale - the child's upbringing was as uneventful as could be; and outside of being kept well apart from the main branch of the family, she enjoyed all the perks of a comfortable allowance, supplemented with a varied roster of tutors to teach her what a proper young woman ought to know - courtesy, dancing, history, poetry - as well as the use of the single, devoted servant - who was the source of her instruction in the intricacies of plant tending and perfumery - in a small manse, some short leagues away from the antique splendor of Runestone. The relative comfort she has been afforded as a bastard-born child has fueled gossip beyond the Gates of the Moon for a goodly number of years, and wagging tongues have accused the girl's father of being near anyone from a tavern boy, to the former Lord of the Eyre (and even, for a fashionable short months, a Targaryen heir).

Be that as it may, whether it is through simple high birth or hidden machinations; girl was afforded the luxury of an education and a great deal of exposure to her (legitimate) upperclassmen. Her 'Stone' name; however, is an indelible mark, and it appears that she enjoys a great deal of perks from being her uncle's ward, his generosity did stop at attempting to make an advantageous match for a girl who remains illegitimate, his blood or not. As such, she was sent upon her coming of age to foster at the Eyrie, to serve as Lady's maid to a cousin of the current Lord of the Vale, whom she followed on her journey south, as a companion, perfumer, and extra pair of ears to capture all of the passing gossip.

RP Hooks

The Vale - Estelle is a known bastard of house Royce, and was significant gossip fuel for a few years of her childhood - none have yet to positively identified who fathered the young woman, and with her mother now in the Riverlands, it is unlikely they will ever know.

The Riverlands - Estelle's mother, Lady Elisa Royce, was made a comfortable match to a family in the Riverlands; while it was requested that her bastard daughter not come, it is likely that the rumour followed.

The Smallfolk - Fiend as she is for gossip, it is not beyond Estelle to casually befriend or offer a few ringing pieces for sordid stories and interesting tidbits. If one keeps their ear on the ground, they will always find a willing listener and a few coins for their trouble.


*Charismatic – While pretty in a conventional way, for a high-born girl, there is an undoubted charm with which she carries herself when she feels the need to impress - a trait inherited from her mother, Lady Elisa, as while everyone was quite appropriately shocked at the revelation of her indiscretions, none who were in the know in the Vale were exactly surprised. On a normal day, she is most assuredly all pleasant smiles and companionable chatter.

*Courteous – A tolerated bastard is one who knows her place, and the septa who oversaw the young Estelle's education in the matters of propriety assured herself that her charge would grow into a young lady of irreprocheable behaviour. That is not to say she is not occasionaly betrayed by her youthful enthusiasm, but in public, she is a young woman who acts in as proper a way as one could ask.

*Wealth: Comfortable – Bastard or not; however, she does enjoy the use of a comfortable allowance, generously provided to by the late Yormar and upheld even beyond his death, so long as she behaves herself.

*Bastard Born – The stain of bastardry is not one which is easily forgotten or forgiven, no matter the loftiness of one's upbringing. While afforded significant luxuries, she has been made never to forget that she owes all that she has to the will of her noble brethren – and that it could quite easily be taken away.

*Gossip – Commonly found in the company of bards, urchins and scullery maids, Estelle is an absolute fiend for a juicy slice of gossip. She is quick to trade a few ringing coins for sordid stories, and may be driven to unsavoury associations if they prove a good source of chatter.

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Lady Elisa (Royce)
Mother (NPC - name open) - Estelle does not know her mother very well - or at all - as her bethrotal with a Lord of the Riverlands was arranged a short few years after the birth of her bastard daughter. All that she has to know her by are a handful of tokens, given to her when she came of age.


Lady Arryn
Patron (NPC - can be cast) - A cousin of the current Lord of the Vale, into whose service Estelle was entered as soon as she was of age. She serves as the Lady's perfumer, companion and ears to the ground.


Servant (NPC - can be cast) - A servant entrusted to her since her young years.


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