The Golden Key
Isabel Lucas
Isabel Lucas as Esselyn Locke
Name: Esselyn Locke
Aliases: Esse
Faction: The North
Organization: House Locke
Occupation: Young Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Mar 22 105 (16)


A short young woman who stands at a few inches over five feet. Her skin is pale and fair and completely without flaws. Locks of dark golden blonde with a hint of light brown to them fall down to her waist. Often that long hair is pulled into an elaborate braid or up do. Light green eyes are framed by thick dark lashes and sit below trimmed brows of a shade slightly darker than her hair. Her cheekbones are high and her nose slightly pointed and upturned. Full pink lips are slanted downward slightly and her angular jaw comes to a dramatic point at her chin. She wears clothing that could be considered both practical and modest rather than elegant or extravagant. Today it is a simple dress of ivory colored cloth. The neckline is modest and the sleeves long, the fabric however clings to her young form highlighting her body without restricting her movements. The ivory fabric is highlighted with pale gold embroidery in a spiral pattern to give it some color. She wears a pair of matching ivory slippers with pale gold beading on them but no jewelry or other accessories are present.


The Beginning

Nellan Locke never had what one would call a fulfilling life. He was the younger brother of Harryn Locke the Lord of House Locke and ruler of Oldcastle. He was a scholar rather than a knight and preferred his books and scrolls to hunting and warfare. He married a woman of similar status as himself at his fathers order but even the marriage was lackluster.

His wife was Ana Umber an ambitious and somewhat bitter woman that constantly clashed with Nellan's cheerful disposition. It be came obvious who truly ruled in that household and Ana's ambition continued on in the form of gaining power through her children.

The first child was born a son and Nellan wondered if that would be the end of his wife's desire for his company but it was not so. They had three more daughters, twins and another and then by accident four years after the last daughter his wife ended up pregnant a fourth time.

Nellan had never seen something so wonderful as his fourth daughter where the others all had dark brown hair this child had the golden locks of Nellan's own mother. Ana seem thrilled with the thought of a golden haired child especially since she promised to be prettier than all her sisters and could hopefully be married off to a better match than all of them together.

The Golden Key

The child Esselyn Locke became known as the golden key. She was a beautiful child with a sweetness to her that many admired. For all her beauty she seemed blissfully unaware of her own value. She was shy at first but still helpful around the estate. She was as studious as her father and twice as compassionate. She studied history, heraldry, sewing and healing. She even managed to convince the cooks to teach her to make simple dishes and soon she was bringing her father breakfast and lunch she made herself.

A rift had begun to grow between her parents though. Esselyn's mother wanted control over her daughters education and her father Nellan wanted to spend time with his daughter. Her mother encouraged her to learn to ride and dance with men as well as blades, to be a strong northern woman. Esselyn was clumsy though and tripped every time she tried to dance. Even the most gentle horse had her falling from the saddle and she was deemed a failure in her mothers eyes.

Ana Locke gave up on her daughter, though Esselyn played the most beautiful music and was kind and compassionate as well as beautiful she would never be strong enough or agile enough to be a proper northern woman. Nellan however showered his daughter in praise which Esselyn only brushed off not knowing what her father saw in her.

Off to Oldtown

By the time Esselyn was sixteen she was well known throughout the north. Her father threw parties at Oldcastle and many lords came to admire her. She never danced with anyone and instead provided beautiful music for the other guests to dance to. Negotiations for her hand in marriage were already underway. Nellan handled all the talks on this matter as Ana's disdain for her daughter was well known and Nellan feared his wife would marry his daughter off to a cruel or poor older Lord just to spite Esselyn.

In the end an arrangement was decided upon. Esselyn would marry Wylliam Stark the son of Gideon Stark and Hellan Stark nee Mormont. It was a good match or it would have been if Gideon wasn't suspected something that was possibly a crime just after the deal was sealed. It was heard that Hellan Stark had left for Oldtown with her son and daughter in tow and after a few letters sent it was decided Esselyn would follow them.

So it came to be that Esselyn was packed up and sent to Oldtown with a better match than all of her siblings. Her mothers dream had come true but Ana was still bitter that it had been the daughter she deemed useless that would marry a Stark. Esselyn though was a mixture of nervous excitement when time came for her to leave Oldcastle and the north. She loved her family despite their flaws and she was determined to make them and her new betrothed proud.

RP Hooks

  • A Softer Northern Lady? Yes its true Esselyn is much more gentle than most women from the North would be. She is more caring too often doing charity work with the poor rather than trying to charge off to battle or wrestle with men. She is an oddity though and a few Northerners see her as weak but many more can see her worth and value.
  • The Golden Key That is what the people of Oldcastle called her. She was the gem of her family despite being unaware of her own value. In fact her modesty only endeared people to her more. Her betrothal was the best out of all her siblings aswell and she remains blissfully unaware of this, just grateful someone wanted her.
  • Clumsy Yet Caring She trips over her own feet often and yet she still tries to do things for others. She works with the poor and sick, mends her own clothing to save the servants time, and even knows how to cook. She will stumble through all these things without hesitation just to help out and she is quite good at all of it…stumbling included.
  • Musical Master While she cannot dance, she can play beautiful music and sing just as good. She often provided the music for her fathers events and parties rather than mingle with the guests. Many remark on her skill saying she is both a natural and a master of music.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Attractive
  • Respectful
  • Insecure
  • Clumsy

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Future Mother-In-Law - The mother of my betrothed. We have not yet met. I only know her by reputation and even that is vague enough to have me nervous.


Betrothed and Future Husband - We have only met recently and yet he has already proved to be more than I had dared hope for. He seems like such a kind gentle sort and I have hope that he will make a good husband. I will try my hardest not to disappoint him.


Nellan Locke (NPC)
Father - He is a warm and caring man….to me at least. He calls me his Golden Key, he allowed me to learn music and listened as I played for him. I will be forever careful that I do not bring him shame especially now that he has managed to find me a possible husband when I thought no one would marry me.


Ana Locke nee Umber (NPC)
Mother - Mother is a bit cold…okay well more than a bit. She is fathers opposite in almost every way. She is not cruel to me but I fear I am her greatest disappointment. I am clumsy with bow and blade and I cannot dance with a man any better than I can with a sword. Still I hope one day she will forgive me as father says she will.


The Rest of the Family (NPCs: Unnamed and Open to Play)
Siblings - Unnamed Brother Age 25, Twin Sisters Age 22, Sister Age 20. Esselyn is not terribly close with any of them. Being four years younger than the youngest of them did not leave much room for common ground. All of her siblings have already been married as well and the twins are somewhat jealous of their sister's beauty and musical skills as well.


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