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Blake Ritson
Blake Ritson as Eomer Meadows
Name: Eomer Meadows
Aliases: The Knight of Cards
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Meadows
Occupation: Headache
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Aug 18 84 (36)


A tall, lean man, Eomer Meadows has more height than girth. A mop of shaggy brown hair frames a long, gaunt, pale face with high cheekbones and shadowed, brown eyes beneath thick brows. His nose is prominent and somewhat hawkish, and full lips are set above a jaw that's angled but not really square. His cheeks range from clean-shaven to bearded to, most often, that unfortunate place in-between.

At six feet, Eomer isn't the tallest man about, but he's certainly no shorty. His height is the most imposing thing about him, as his limbs are long and lanky. His hands have dextrous, almost delicate fingers, and they lack the callouses formed of rigorous training or honest work. Eomer tends to prefer dark colors and usually clads himself in deep browns or blacks. He's most often found in dark trousers and jerkin, a white shirt, a black overcoat and some manner of thin scarf tied around his throat.


Ser Eomer Meadows was knighted thanks to a game of dice. It may say something about Eomer’s life choices that this is, in fact, one of the least scandalous facts about him.

Eomer was born to the Lord Armand, head of House Meadows, and his second wife, Tila. Thankfully Eomer was born after numerous other children safely delivered to Armand's first wife. The eldest boy, Eudon, would become Lord Meadows in his own time and father to Anfroy and Blaive. It's always good to have an 'heir' and a 'spare', but Eomer was a few siblings past 'the spare's spare', and so was given a considerable amount of freedom in his youth. By fourteen, he'd made the sort of uses of that freedom that were beginning to give Lord Armand headaches, and it was decided the boy would be shipped off to the Citadel.

For ten years, this seemed an effective approach. Eomer was clever and enjoyed learning (almost as much as he enjoyed the challenge of breaking the majority of the rules without getting caught). He earned his collar link by link, and if he was sent to various Archmaesters' offices more often than the typical acolyte, the superior quality of his work was equally uncommon. He earned the final link of his chain in the same year that Lord Armand died, and Eudon became the head of House Meadows. Besides the emotional loss, however, Armand's death had little bearing on Eomer's future, now that he had no last name and was meant to serve all of Westeros.

That lasted for three months.

Eomer was placed into a House in the Riverlands, where his advice and wisdom were regarded with appreciation and respect. Certainly, when accounts began coming up wrong, the coins that should have been in the coffers gone missing, Eomer was not initially suspected. Until he was found warming the bed of the Lord's eldest daughter. Three days before her wedding. With a bottle of a very expensive wine that belonged down in the Lord's private stores sitting, empty, on the bed stand.

Eomer was stripped of his maester links, publicly lashed, held in stocks for three days and then sent home to his family with a few sets of clothing and the tattered shreds of his dignity. Eudon, one could not be surprised, was not especially delighted to see him back in Grassy Vale, and his behavior didn't do much to return him to his eldest brother's good graces. On the one hand, Eomer was now a learned man, and he was happy to share that knowledge in whatever way might benefit his brother and their house. And, certainly, Eomer was a beloved uncle of the children (more or less), because he offered grand stories and many presents. But, he was also a drinker, a womanizer and an incessant gambler. When he won, he won richly, but when he lost, he lost very badly, and Eomer spent more time in debt than out of it. Still, this habit did earn him his knighthood.

He was wiping the table with a traveling knight who had stopped in Grassy Vale en route to a tourney. Eomer had won every coin the man had on him, and with the wisdom of the very drunk, the knight offered knighthood, if Eomer would play him one more hand. Too amused to turn the offer down, the Meadows accepted… and won. The knight was horrified, but he had given his word in a crowded room and with far too many witnesses to deny it. Eomer insisted it be done well and proper, and so it was that a very drowsy and disgruntled septon witnessed and sanctified Eomer Meadows being made a knight in the small hours of the morning. It is a title Eomer wears with pride… at least during those times he knows it will very likely annoy somebody if he does so. This tale, along with his stupendous lucky streaks (both good and bad) and utter lack of fighting prowess, soon earned him the title Knight of Cards. He won his knightdom in a dice game, of course, but as Knight of Dice didn't have so fine a ring to it, Eomer never protested the incongruency.

Still, despite his good days, his debt continued mounting, and realizing that no matter how much money Eudon threw at his brother, it all seemed to vanish, Eudon decided he'd had enough. When Eomer was 30, Eudon paid off all of his outstanding debts, personally. He then placed Eomer on a very meager monthly allowance and made it very clear he would never see a penny beyond that amount. Perhaps Eudon hoped a firmer hand might do what leniency had not and curb Eomer's bad habits.

With this change in his fortunes, Eomer felt it best that he return to Oldtown, the home of the Citadel. It wasn't so much that he was nostalgic for his days of study, but he knew the underbelly of that city even better than he knew the one in Grassy Vale, and there were those in Oldtown who might still remember him fondly. Certainly, there were those in Oldtown who would loan him money and gamble with him. His monthly allowance quickly vanished each time it arrived, and for all it might have allowed him to live comfortably enough if he didn't spend it so frivolously, he always did. He would sometimes supplement his income by using his maester's skills, particularly knowledge of the law. If a person, smallfolk or noble, was accused of a crime, Eomer would be happy to argue their case before the presiding lord (for a fee, of course), and his combination of expertise and clever talk often meant his clients were freed or their sentences were much reduced. Still, despite such 'charitable works', Eomer still owes more money than he has, and tends to sport bruises and injuries with alarming regularity as those whom he owes remind him of his debt. Regardless, Eomer is convinced that, somehow, he'll land on his feet.

After all, he always has.

RP Hooks

Old Inhabitant of Oldtown: Eomer's spent much of his life in Oldtown. He was a student at the Citadel from the ages of 14-24, and he returned to Oldtown when he turned 30. He's been living here, since.

Briefly a Maester: Eomer spent ten years as an acolyte in the citadel, and those who taught him considered him to be an exceptionally gifted pupil, if a rather poorly behaved one. But, three months after he earned his maester's chain and was sent out into the world, he was stripped of his rank and was a maester no more. Some say the citadel took back his chain. Others insist Eomer sold the links for gambling coin.

Technically a Knight: While Eomer was never a squire, can't fight worth a fig and surely lacks the sort of moral compass a life of chivalry demands, he is a knight, septon-ordained and all. Rumor has it he won his knighthood in a game of chance.

Shady Connections: Eomer spends much of his free time in the more questionable areas of Oldtown, and has quite a few acquaintances among the, ah, less upstanding citizenry, shall we say. If your character thrives in the underbelly of Oldtown, especially if s/he has something to do with the gambling scene there, it's quite likely they're familiar with Eomer. It's equally likely that he owes them money.

Friend of the Smallfolk: Besides his reputation for being a rake, gambler, womanizer and general ne'er-do-well, Eomer can also be hired for advice or representation. Folks in trouble with the law, be they noble or common, can employ him to speak on their behalf in the hope his silvered tongue and knowledge of legalities might mitigate or lift their potential sentence. No case is too small and no situation too hopeless… so long as the client can pay, of course.


  • Wealth: Poor
  • More Id Than Ego
  • Narcissist
  • Chronic Gambler
  • Citadel Dropout
  • Could Sell Ice to a Wildling

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Rube - This poor kid literally just stepped off the merchant's cart and is relying on the kindness of strangers to help him find fortune and family. This led him to Eomer who was sober enough to see the golden opportunity for what it was.


Fair Lady - Johanna is a friend, a harmless (woe) flirtation and a lady who has caught the attention of Lexander. Eomer often plays go-between for the pair of them.


Middle Man - Lexander is one of those people who knows how to get you things… for a price. Eomer owes him a disgusting sum of money. Thankfully, Lexander seems willing to forgive the debt, bit by bit, for favors rendered: an agreement which is pleasing for both parties.


Merrywidow - Eomer knew Paxsen's mother from his days in the Citadel, and he was fine friends with little Paxsen, too. Not so little, anymore, Paxsen is a woman grown, a talented healer and apothecary and a dear friend. Not that this stops Eomer from taking advantage of her generosity fairly regularly, but at least he's gracious about it.


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