Character Details
Emily Kinney
Emily Kinney as Emmeline
Name: Emmeline
Aliases: Emi
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: Quill And Tankard
Occupation: Barmaid
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Apr 3 105 (18)


This young woman stands just under five and a half feet tall with a deceptively delicate build. Light blond hair flows over her shoulders and half-way down her back. Often, she ties it back in a messy bun. Her clear blue eyes shine bright, outlined with a kitten flick of kohl for extra definition. Her lips are a bright, healthy pink, as are her cheeks. Light freckles dust across her cheeks and nose.

Under a clean yet threadbare apron, Emmeline wears a modest dress of blue so dark it might be black. The sleeves reach half-way down her forearms, hemmed on purpose. The thin fabric won't keep her warm for long as the days continue getting shorter. At least her leather shoes look sturdy and fit her small feet well.


Emmeline was the daughter of simple village smallfolk. Her father, Giorge was a tavern keeper and her mother, Quinn, was a good wife. Or she was, until she died giving birth to a younger brother that didn't survive either. Giorge never remarried and Emmeline was his only child, so she came to shoulder more than her share of responsibilities. To escape the weight of such burdens, Emmeline was prone to mischief and would even vanish from time to time. Punishment came swift and severe, and showing genuine remorse each time, she would redouble her efforts to rise to her father's expectations. Whatever was needed, Emmeline worked in the kitchen, served drinks, and even learned enough of her letters and numbers to take on the bookkeeping.

Even when Emmeline was dead tired, she seemed to always wear a shining smile and would sing to the patrons in the evenings. It was this sunshine that caught the attention of a merchant. Quite taken with the 10-year-old Emmeline, he spoke to her father and arranged a betrothal. The marriage was set to take place upon her menarche, and Emmeline found her father's mounting debts erased from the tavern books. At first, Emmeline tried to embrace it. It was a good match, but the idea of becoming a simple housewife who might or might not survive giving birth to her first child filled her with growing unease. Had her menarche happened sooner than later, she may have accepted her fate, but as months turned into years, the pressure grew and the dread mounted.

When she was twelve, Emmeline slipped away to vanish for a time as she so often did. Happening upon a troupe of mummers, acrobats and bards, Emmeline offered to share her lunch, and joining their campfire, shared her story. The troupe leader took pity, but also saw her potential. He invited her to come with them and Emmeline seized her serendipity. With the troupe, she discovered a colorful family. She sang and she learned dancing, contortion, and acrobatics. Though she missed her father and guilt plagued her at times, she relished her new freedom. The roads were as dangerous as the courts in which they performed, but they travelled for five successful years before murderous bandits ended their luck and lives.

With a wounded drummer, Emmeline escaped the bandits, but infection claimed him soon after. Upon arriving at the gates of Oldtown, she approached the first tavern and offered to work in exchange for food. Proving a hard worker, she was offered a bed as well. And thus, she fell back on her first profession, working as a barmaid in a seedy tavern on the edge of town. Wages were scarcely enough to cover food and board, the patrons were prone to leering and swatting her rear, and it was getting harder and harder not to get caught on her own with the tavern keeper. Three months later, Emmeline managed to secure a much better position at the Quill and Tankard.

RP Hooks

  • Quill and Tankard Barmaid: Are you a regular? Emmeline serves drinks at the Quill and Tankard where smallfolk and nobles alike are wont to frequent.
  • Once a Wandering Mummer: Did Emmeline's travelling troupe of mummers once visit your court? There was music, acrobatics, fire-breathing, and contortion, and they almost always delighted their audiences.
  • Westeros Traveler: Were you another traveler or did Emmelines troupe stop at your town? For five years, Emmeline traveled all throughout Westeros. Her troupe shared many campfires and visited even more towns.
  • Ghost from the Past: Did you know her when she still lived in her father's tavern? It was in a small village in the Crownlands. Located on a major thoroughfare, many nobles and smallfolk alike passed through.


  • Affectionate
  • Haunted
  • Impish
  • Optimistic
  • Sweet-tooth
  • Wealth: Poor

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