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Sofia Boutella
Sofia Boutella as Emira Martell
Name: Emira Martell
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Martell
Occupation: Badass
Rank: Princess
Age: May 14 97 (26)


She's full of passionate, bold energy, this Dornishwoman. Her frame is small and trained to its best advantage; five feet, five inches, she's lean and strong, defined by agile muscle. Her natural sandy skintone is made darker and her cheeks more aglow by the Dornish sun. Her face is strikingly defined, razor jawed, with a chin that comes to a point below an strong dimple, like a thumbprint. She has thick, black eyebrows, slightly wild, sharp at the far ends, and dark almond eyes with lashes so distinct her lids appear lined in coal. Her hair is the darkest brown, shorn for practicality above those brows, while the rest is long. Her lips are full, distinct, and pink.

She favours structured attire that covers her chest, leaving a small sliver of her ribs bare before the belt of her flowing skirts, layers of sheer fabric easy to maneuver in, all in shades of sand, brown, or drab yellow. The only decoration is worked in subtly, featuring the sun-and-spear sigil of House Martell. Her only jewelry is a ring mounted with an ominous sculpted black scorpion.


Emira Martell was born to a young sister of Amarei Martell, Obella, and Madyn Qorgoyle of Sandstone. Obella had been previously wed; her first partnership was fated to be short-lived, her husband killed on the Marches. She vowed vengeance on the Westerosi marcher lord who committed the deed, but did re-marry soon after, bonding with Madyn over the loss of their mutual friend and a shared vengeance. She was soon pregnant. Obella was known to be strong and fierce, but, it seems, so was her daughter: there was a problem during childbirth, and the baby would not be delayed for anything. Obella died, while Emira lived. It is said she came out screaming, ready for battle. While Madyn had vowed to avenge his friend and Obella's past lover for her, his promise was forgotten the moment he saw the strong, dark eyes of his tiny daughter. Al of his focus went into Emira. He mourned Obella, but never faulted Emira for her death, going on to love his daughter deeply and loyally.

She was raised at Sunspear, surrounded by siblings and cousins. An eager, exploratory child, she had the kind of natural wildness and ferocious potential that was encouraged rather than tamed, as it might have been in a Westerosi court — although she could be obstinate, particularly as she aged into a young woman, valuing her own opinion highly over the opinion of others. She was enthusiastically trained in combat, where her quickness and ferocity shone the most. She used the world around her to climb and throw her small body to defend or attack any potential foes. She could dance, in a fight. Among the weapons she trained in, she loved the traditional spear but favoured the whip most of all.

From the age of sixteen, Princess Amarei occasionally sought matches for her niece; beneficial, carefully thought-out potential husbands, all of whom Emira scoffed at. Over the years, she turned them all down: they are not good enough, she said. Not strong enough.

Her reputation for being fierce was further solidified in honour of her father. At that time, as political landscapes shifted, as they're wont to do, Amarei was all the more insistent that Emira be married to a lord of Westeros; it was the eve of the day a Reachlander suitor was set to arrive in Sunspear to meet her. Madyn got into an argument during a gambling match with a man who, hearing of Emira's suitor, claimed he was the paramour of Obella and that Emira was his bastard and too good for a weak man from the Reach. It escalated into a knife-fight that left Madyn's throat slashed. He survived, but at the expense of his voice. His vengeful daughter sought out the man responsible and challenged him to a fight, a public spectacle in which — whether his claim was true or not — she exacted the same injury upon him, with the addition of slicing his eyes with the point of her whip. The Reachlord had just arrived to meet with his prospective bride in time to witness this.

She hissed in his face.

Yet, Emira's placement as a Martell ready for marriage could not be ignored in the climate between Dorne and the rest of the continent, particularly as the contract between Princess Mariya Martell and Daevon Targaryen had began to crumble. The tides were turning.

RP Hooks

  • Dornish & Targaryen Plot/Politics
  • Is betrothed to Rhaegor and thus lives amid the Targaryens in Oldtown (when she stays still long enough)
  • Has a reputation, at least in parts of Dorne, for her skill with whips and her vicious temper
  • The increasingly infamous Manfryd Qorgyle, The Scorpion, is her also hot-tempered cousin
  • Seeks vengeance against the Reachlord who killed her mother's first husband


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Master of Whips
  • Vengeful
  • Fearless
  • Bull by the Horns
  • Never Forgets a Face

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