Character Details
Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz as Emilia Oakheart
Name: Emilia Oakheart
Aliases: Emi
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Lady
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: May 24 98 (22)


Framed by charcoal lashes, coffee brown eyes shine against golden skin: Chocolate coppery striations color dark chocolate eyebrows which arch above, hue matching the length of thick hair that crowds about shoulders and tickle just below shoulder blades creating a very sensuous aura about this tiny woman. A smattering of chocolate freckles dust the bridge of a snubbed nose, the sun's kiss spilling to her cheeks as well. A subtle touch of golden peaches and cream complexion highlights her cheeks, the rouge of her lips subtle. Faint scars, creamy white, mar her complexion here and there, a line against her left cheek that curves along with the roundness of cheek, one going down the middle of her lip, others dragging against an ear or curving down her jaw line to delicate length of neck to curve up against her collarbone. Body which stands no higher than 5'1 gently curves, soft slopes manifest themselves into a pair of hips that atone themselves down to well muscled legs, while a soft swell of bosom marks itself coyly on this woman's chest.. She looks delicate overall, with tiny bone structure, dainty features, an unimposing figure save for the thin slivers of scars that dote upon her flesh along with an array of black inked tattoos depicting various figures and shapes important to her culture.
Deep scarlet red dips it's divine hand in coloring the dress that is worn on this woman. It's very fashionable for this day and age, collar edging just above her collarbone and back around her neck, black lace bubbling about the neckline. The rest of the material, a deep red silk underlined by a sturdier material, graces over her hips and chest, hugging tightly before it flares out at the bottom. From the knee down there is intricate lace and gathered fabric decorating the bottom of the dress. The sleeves of the dress go right down to her delicate wrists where more lace accents, lace trickling to play against the back of her hands. Hair is done up, held in curls and twists, tendrils touching upon her neck, giving her a very proper look over all, though she still manages to make it look sultry, a natural inclination to this womans overall persona.


What is there to say of the life of Emilia Oakheart. It has not been hers since the age of 15 when she was married as a means to quell further bloodshed by the Oakhearts against the Dorne.
Prior to her marriage she was a young wild Dornish noble woman, free to frivolities, with her young life ahead of her, not yet offered as marriageable, allowed to explore interests and passions with aplomb. Her passions early on led her to calligraphy, which then led to her assisting in decoding missives that were sent to her father, more of a game really that her father used as bonding time between them, the man having the ciphers of course to crack the codes. She sat upon his lap, cracking the codes with him, and the laughter that would come from it. Many times her father would have friends and family send missives in a new code just to test his growing daughter as she became more voracious in her study of ciphers as she grew older finding a knack for it.
So much knack for it that it became a real passion. She worked at improving the ciphers they used with the code makers her father employed, spending days with them hunched over scrolls deciphering intercepted missives meant for other places. She quickly became adept at identifying the hand of writers, able to figure out who wrote what.

She also complied with other tutorings, dancing, singing though she is terribly off key and quite the horrific singer that eventually her tutor gave up and dancing was the focus. She enjoyed learning how to use a blade, and how to defend herself though she never had much interest in the physical aspect of battle, though enough of an interest in blades that she pushed to learn it somewhat more.

In her off time, those private moments she might be able to steal away for herself, she enjoyed being out on the seas, just she, a handmaiden and guard, to fish. Other times she enjoyed riding, becoming a fairly good rider though by no means an expert. Purely for pleasure. The same things she takes joy in today despite her journey to this moment.

It was when she was 15 that her world turned upside down within the Dornish Marches. It was there she learned of her fathers death, and her brothers, and of her being used as a means to pay back the Oakhearts for the death of Lord Oakhearts son as she was the only daughter not already promised or betrothed to other families, being the youngest. This news was met with bitter resentment on the part of the young Lady Emilia who struck out at the guards who were sent to retrieve her for the quick wedding, attacking them with her blade and in turn earning for herself the scars she wears today, albeit faded in the last eight years of her marriage to Quillian.

In the past eight years Emilia has never forgotten how her husband obtained her, has never forgotten his deeds that led to the moment, and the occasional appearance of her fathers skull which was fashioned into a mug is an ever painful prick in a long series of memories she has tried to push back in a bid to accept her lot in life. She has not given her husband a child, having made efforts to stall any pregnancy that may have aroused with tansy tea and other herbal means to expunge life from within her womb. In denying him a child, she forces him to pay for the continued pain done to her with the keeping of the skull, a sore point no doubt to her husband Quillian.

However, as much as the past stings, she knows her husband, in his own way, loves her, and she him. So while their fights can rouse easily, and she knows of his cruel streak, the fact that he is not cruel to her and he is attentive has touched her and woo'd her to him over the years. She also has a quick temper, being the passionate woman she is, and fights can and do rouse, but the same passion ensures that any fights end up resolved as she is not willing to be in an unhappy marriage for the duration of her life.

RP Hooks

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  • Forced Marriage
  • Carries a grudge
  • Passionate
  • Allergy - Strawberries
  • Romantic
  • Inquisitive - ciphers

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