Kind-Souled Servant
Faye Marsay
Faye Marsay as Embry of Oldtown
Name: Embry of Oldtown
Aliases: None
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Dayne
Occupation: Servant
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Aug 7 104 (16)


This lowborn girl is not one to stand out in a crowd, small and mild both demeanour and appearance. Her age is ambiguous — 5'4" in stature and childlike in the face, the only definite is that she beyond maidenhood and short of twenty. She has a quiet blue eyes and a nose that's just a bit big compared to her little face, while her rose-coloured mouth is neatly, thinly formed and her chin softly pointed. She has an innate kindness about her, even though that same mouth tends down, as if to perpetually frown. There are tiny gaps between her top teeth, and the bottom are slightly crooked, but all are white and lend a quaint joy to her smiles. Her milky but imperfect skin is spattered, just lightly, with dull freckles, precisely between her delicate eyebrows and on the tops of her cheeks.

She wears her thin, light brown hair long and down, tugged out of her face with narrow well-made braids that meet for a more elaborate mingling in the back, mimicking the style of noble Southern ladies quite well. Her dress tries to be in fashion too, but doesn't quite hit the same mark with its elegant rounded-square neckline trimmed in fraying aquamarine embroidery and contrastingly dull, cheaply dyed blue fabric pieced together with blocky tailoring that has obviously been repaired several times.


The story Embry of Oldtown is the kind of story no one listens to. She's not the kind of girl anyone listens to.

She was born to a poor smallfolk seamstress by the name of Elma and a father she never knew; her mother said he was a handsome man from one of the other Seven Kingdoms, but that's all she would ever say. How could she, when that man was not her husband? Embry was born outside an existing marriage, and her mother would have been kicked straight onto the cobblestones along with her baby if it weren't for her husband, a harsh, work-minded man by the name of Harruld, needing the meagre income Elma's simple craft brought in. Embry would be another mouth to feed, but she'd also be another pair of working hands. That man would never be as her father.

She daydreamed of him, her father. Maybe he was a noble, a great lord or a knight or even a king, a hero from the stories she loved so much. But little Embry, herself, was nothing — yet in her future she saw stars. When her beloved mother — like her, a kind soul, a pure heart — died giving birth to one of Embry's baby sisters, dreams were all she had left. Dreams, and her brother. Owain, older, and only half her blood, was her best friend and closest bond in the world. Their bond sealed all the tighter when, facing hard times, Harruld made a cruel decision for the good of his failing, already poor, wealth. It should have been a hard decision for a good man. For Harruld, it was not.

It was a friend of a friend; a man who rode in from the Westerlands, Embry never remembered his name. Maybe she never knew it. He oversaw a rich gold mine at the Golden Tooth. It had been a hard year, productivity falling due to a shortage of workers. He made a deal with Harruld; send him a few good hands for a few months of work and he'd make sure the wealth got back to him. Those hands were Owain, Embry, and one of their sisters, Talytha.

Embry was ten years old.


Cinderella Complex Kind Soul
Little Lionheart Loyal
Obsessive About Cleanliness Wealth: Poor

RP Hooks

Friends & Neighbours!: Born and mostly raised in Oldtown, Embry has been a kind, giving, and friendly face to most of those around her childhood home, and has worked for, helped out, and learned from numerous figures over the years (though less friendly connections are welcome too; she's not without bullies, and her so-called father figure is not well liked and owes many debts).
Golden Tooth: Although she was mostly confined to the workhouse set-up of the mine, Embry spent two years at the Golden Tooth in the Westerlands.
Servant: She has served at least one minor noble house in more than one home, so it is very possible someone knows her from that time… if they'd remember her.
House Dayne and Martell: Embry works for the Dornish household in Oldtown, serving particularly as a lady's maid to Princess Mariya Martell.

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Kind Ser - Ser Osric Dayne, The Sword of the Morning, was nice enough to offer Embry a position working for his household.


Kind Servant Embry was sent to see Gareth to settle her into working amongst the servants of House Dayne in Oldtown, and thinks him a remarkably kind man, too.


Princess !!!


More Than A Brother - Half-brother and best friend, Owain is Embry's closest bond since childhood.


Not Father - The father of her siblings, an awful, angry man, Embry wants only to keep her young sisters safe from him.


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