Lady Elys Bracken
Anna Popplewell
Anna Popplewell as Elys Bracken
Name: Elys Bracken
Aliases: Elys Horse Fucking Bracken
Faction: The Riverlands
Organization: House Bracken
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Minor Noble Lady
Age: 22


With breadth in both her shoulders and hips, Elys Bracken is no waifish girl. Her bright blue eyes are perhaps a little wide-set, her nose a touch broad at the tip, and her lips are impossibly full, all framed by a tangle of auburn curls.

It might seem that she is just as often in leather-and-maile as wrapped in the finery befitting a noblewoman. Most of the dresses she owns have been crafted from locally sourced fabric, cut for practicality rather than courtly impact.


The only things Elys Bracken ever stood in line to inherit were her mother's broad hips and her father's ill temper. A cousin (several times removed) of the lords of Stone Hedge, and born after five older brothers, it is no understatement to say that her parents were surprised when the midwife announced the Lady Alysa had given birth to a baby girl.

They needed not fear, she would be no flower.

As a pudgy child, little Elys had no interest in playing the part of 'maiden' in her brothers' games, preferring to take up a stick and take part in the rescuing herself. Bright of smile and bright of eye, her siblings indulged her curiosity for swordplay, and she joined the boys in their fisticuffs, habits they just… never seemed to outgrow, much to Lady Alysa's dismay. The only saving grace was that one by one, the boys were paged and squired and sent on their way, enabling the Lady Bracken to redirect her daughter's teen years somewhat. Though truancy was a problem, Elys was taught the basics of a noble lady's education, proficiency in sewing and heraldry at the very least. She'd rather be fishing, though, or hunting, showing every Bracken's natural talent for riding as well as — more surprisingly — with the bow. (It were more acceptable than the blade, her mother would attest.)

At one point, she were betrothed to Tewdric Blackwood (brother to Ser Riderch), a surprisingly auspicious match borne of the on-off tradition of intermarriage between the two feuding Houses. Tewdric wouldn't survive to see his wedding day, sadly, cut down by a group of "bandits" along the disputed borderlands. There are whispers his death was orchestrated by Elys' over protective brothers, but those same whisperers paint the girl as a maiden fair, so. Credibility?

With word filtering through the Bracken household of Blackwoods seeking trade in the Reach, Elys is amongst a party from the lessers of her House sent to keep an eye out. Long since given up on finding her a husband, her mother simply prays she'll keep her head — literally, on her shoulders.

RP Hooks

Ladysword: Not just a girl who's picked up a sword once or twice; Elys likes to practice with her bow and her blade. It's not a fancy sword, and she's not a fancy girl.

Bloodfeud: House Bracken and House Blackwood have been embroiled in a feud that stretches back endlessly. It was her own marriage that was meant to seal the latest ceasefire between the two Houses… but her betrothed lord carked it before they could marry. She probably has friends and enemies both for the way things panned out.

Hodorcycle: Need a horse? The Brackens breed 'em.


  • Outdoorsy Is An Understatement
  • Unladylike
  • Temper, temper!
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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Immediate Family
Mother — Though constantly exasperated by her unladylike daughter, Elys's mother has come to accept that some things will just never be.
Father — What father wouldn't be fond of his only daughter?
Brothers — She's a thorn in their collective sides, but that's ok. Only one of the five really can't abide her, and he's off married into some rando Vale house.


Enemy - Ass.


Enemy - Halfway decent, but still an ass.


Enemy - Even bigger ass.




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