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Burak Özçivit
Burak Özçivit as Elyas Jordayne
Name: Elyas Jordayne
Aliases: Nicknames or Aliases
Faction: Dorne
Organization: Dorne
Occupation: Navigator
Rank: Ser
Age: 27


A young man with the dark looks of the Salty Dornishmen, Elyas is of medium height and walks with a swagger that borders on the arrogant. He often hides his black hair under a Dornish headdress meant to protect people from the burning sun of the desert and the sea and he is never seen without a dagger and a short Dornish sword at his side. His dark eyes are piercing and haughty, his full lips curled in a sneer half the time. Thick pants are stuck in tall boots and a leather coat covers a wornout dark shirt. His clothing seems cheap and practical, made for a seafarer who spends most of his time out in the open salty air of the sea. Overall this man does not look like he'd stop to help a granny across the road.


This is not common IC knowledge… so please don't RP as if you know this… unless he's told you.

Elyas Jordayne is the second son of Ser Myrio Jordayne, the present head of House Jordayne in Dorne. Ever since their childhood Elyas lived in fierce rivalry with his elder brother Timur, the designated heir, who (in Elyas' opinion) wasn't fit to be a ruler at all. Elyas lived for battles and fights, acquiring great skills both as a knight fighting on horseback and on foot, and as a sailor and navigator, steering boats from the port of The Tor along the coast. His brother Timur however was more the bookish type, even spending some time in Oldtown to study with the maesters to further his learning. He introduced new and more productive ways to grow food in the hard Dornish soil and travelled around to strengthen The Tor's commerce with the Free Cities and Westeros. He even spoke of being agreeable to an union with Westeros! The horror! The more successful Timur became - finally marrying and producing a child of his own - the more embittered Elyas grew. He was hardly home at The Tor anymore, preferring to raise hell in the pubs of Sunspear, take part in Dornish campaigns or indulge in some piracy in the Sea of Dorne and around the Stepstones, even turning up as far North as the Stormlands.

More recently Elyas and his crew have found that the Sea of Dorne has become rather dangerous for a small band of pirates as competition from across the Narrow Sea has grown and the Navy is trying to crack down on all of them. During a boozy night in the port of Sunspear a grand plan was hatched by several pirates to gang up together and sail along the southern and western coast all the way to the Westerlands to hunt for ships carrying the fabled gold of the Lannisters. Unfortunately they ran into a storm in the Redwyne Straits that sank two ships and scattered the rest. Elyas, with a couple of others, managed to get into a small boat and made it ashore near Three Towers. Finding the place rather lame, they decide to head on to Oldtown in the hope to regroup with others and eventually steal a bigger ship. Until this happens, Elyas will bide his time in Oldtown and see what trouble he can cause.


Addicted to Cleanliness
Holds grudges until the second coming
Pretty ladies are his achilles heel

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Maester - What the hell is he doing here in Oldtown? Luckily nobody knows who he really is and we've agreed to keep things quiet. We'll see how that goes.


Partner in Crime - A savvy street-smart girl who knows her way around the murkier parts of town. Has helped me more than once to get rid of … merchandise.


Young Lady - A genuine Hightower lady and quite lovely to look at. But way out of my league.


Beautiful Banker - A rather charming lady from Braavos who was mine for a brief time. But sometimes things just aren't meant to be.


Damp Squid - An Iron Islander… who reminds me very much of myself. Maybe we could be good for each other.


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