Character Details
Katrina Law
Katrina Law as Ellia Martell
Name: Ellia Martell
Aliases: Lia
Faction: Dorne
Organization: None
Occupation: Princess
Rank: Princess
Age: Aug 11 93 (27)


Carefully plaited into a thick braid which tapers down to the narrow of her waist, midnight locks compliment the warm dusky hue of her complexion. Her face is punctuated by the classical contour of fine aquiline features. Piercing cocoa brown eyes reflect with a silent countenance beneath a forest of thick black lashes. Elegantly perched above a set of warm honeyed-bronze lips resides a fairly delicate nose, while her chin harbors the faintest hint of a dimple.

Finely honed with a dancer's physique, her form alludes to a soft curvature in a most complimentary feminine manner despite her 5'7" stance. A deep purple gown clings to each of her ample curves with silent appreciation of the feminine form. The neckline dips into a modest jewel scoop, the edge trimmed with pale silver embroidery, while the bodice caresses her slender figure like a second glove. An ornate girdle of white gold encrusted by tiny amethyst starbursts encircles her waist — a slender ornamental dagger clipped upon the right hand side. Long and elegant, the skirt flares slightly with each delicate movement, the surface embroidered intricately with silver thread in various starburst patterns. A pair of practical obsidian boots in ebony leather with slight heels adorns her feet.

Purposeful hands find themselves ensconced in a pair of white gloves bearing the crest of House Dayne atop while a complimentary ring with small amethysts adorns her left ring finger. Upon her right ring finger resides an ornate ruby upon a golden band bearing the insignia of the royal house of Martell. Gold and silver links weave together to form the intricately chained necklace which hangs from her graceful neck, interspersed with various chips of amethysts, diamonds, and pearls.


Passionate and pragmatic have always been two words to sum up the Dornian princess quite nicely. Born towards the later years to her mother, Queen Amarei, Ellia was simply one of many children - hopes of inheritance somewhat bleak given her birth order. While she had always been a quick study and thrived within whatever lessons her mother deemed necessary for a royal-born, she also proved to be a great deal more challenging than most of her siblings in other ways. Though gifted with a mind that focused upon pragmatism and logic, unlike the whimsical views of others, Ellia proved to be a staunch isolationist where Dorne was concerned. Perhaps it was a sense of Dornian superiority, or merely an incessant need to protect those she deemed 'her own', but whatever the case - Ellia seemed to harbor an innate distrust of all those born outside of the Dorne kingdom.

Her mistrust was further not long after her fifteenth year when she was assaulted and quite nearly robbed of her virtue by an alleged knight from House Florent. Barely spared thanks to a fluke scratch from her poison-tipped blade and the arrival of her own guards, Ellia has never been able to overcome the incident enough to reconsider her position regarding outsiders. Further investigations yielded little result as House Florent completely claimed no affiliation to the man bearing their colors, insinuating he was an impostor, at best or perhaps some unknown bastard. When no other house came forward to claim the deceased assaultant, House Martell eventually let the matter go with great reluctance.

When time came for forging marriages of alliance, unlike some of her older sisters, Ellia blatantly refused to allow herself to married outside Dornish borders. Try as the Queen could to change the mind of her willful daughter, she simply could not. Servants gossiped viciously at the rather loud and heated arguments exchanged between Queen and their pragmatic Princess. After numerous promises of slaying any outsider in the marriage-bed, Queen Amarei finally reached a consensus with her willful daughter: Ellia was granted a fortnight to find a suitable husband of Dornish blood and title to wed or she would have to consider offers from outside their boundaries. Additionally, should she ever lose her husband - via death or other means, she would dispense with her ridiculous notions and consider a husband from outside Dornish borders in remarriage for the sake of political peace and alliances. With a bit of reluctance, Ellia agreed to her mother's terms.

Despite her pristine lineage, finding a husband amongst her own people proved somewhat difficult for the pragmatic princess. Though many men were more than willing to take a princess bride, few seemed to spark her interest or have the actual courage to deny her whims when asked. Ellia desired a man willing to stand his ground against her, yet respectfully so, despite her title. Fortune smiled down upon her in the form of one Ser Osric Dayne, though in truth the princess was far from fond of the man upon first meeting. While none could dispute his physical prowess upon the field or loyalty to the crown, he had the distinct ability to drive her absolutely insane with his constant calm temperament. The fact he had the ability to both defy and compliment her at the same time set her on edge. He was everything she had wanted in a husband, in theory, but the realization that her theory was not quite as appealing as she believed was a troubling prospect. Still, with time running out, she made her choice known to her mother. Arrangements were made and before they knew it, Ser Osric and Princess Ellia were wed.

The marriage turned out to be more than amicable to both parties and in time, the union yielded two children. In many ways, Osric has been the buffer to Ellia's rather isolationist views. Though she has not entirely changed them, she does hold them back for the sake of diplomacy. Most of her time is spent tending the children and assisting her youngest and closest sister, Mariya. Recently Ellia petitioned their mother for the chance to take Mariya under her wing in an effort to better help the youngest princess navigate the social realm in hopes of finding a husband. Ellia was already cautioned heavily by their mother /not/ to dissuade Mariya from marrying an outsider should the match be solid and proper and despite her own better judgment, she has agreed to entertain the possibilities for the sake of her dear sister. Ellia still does manage to control most of the management of her own household and is known for handling the more diplomatic items upon her husband's agenda. She does, occasionally, act on behalf of her mother when needed - though many of those duties seem to have been relegated to her other siblings these days.

RP Hooks

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  • Overprotective
  • Isolationist
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Obstinate
  • Passionate
  • Pragmatic

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NoImage_icon.jpg Amarei
Mother - Ellia has a very complicated relationship with her mother, Queen Amarei. While she does tend to be far more pragmatic than most of her siblings, she has a tendency to also be one of the more challenging children of the currently seated Queen. Ellia and her mother have been known to go several rounds in argument, both women highly obstinate and unyielding in their own ways. She loves her mother without question and is loyal to a fault; however, Ellia does not always agree with her mother's views - especially when it comes to marital unions and foreign alliances.
Mariya Mariya
Sister - Of all her siblings, Ellia is closest to young Mari. Part of this is due to the fact both princesses fall into the latter half of the sibling chain, yet mostly this is due to Mariya's eternally uplifting demeanor and gentle heart. While Ellia has no desire to burst her sister's illusions in life, she also gravely fears that until Mari is able to find solid footing in reality, she will be in grave danger. Being a princess is difficult enough with eyes wide open - but being a princess with her head in the clouds? Catastrophe!
Osric Osric
Husband - Though Ellia may have cleverly manipulated her way into marriage with Ser Osric as a means to avoid an alternately unsavory union, she has grown to love her husband immensely. He is everything she loves and finds incredibly infuriating rolled into one. Their marriage is a well-balanced one, as most will attest, with each spouse clearly countering the other with regards to weaknesses and strengths. There are some men, usually those who have found themselves upon the receiving end of one of her lashings, that actually might pity Ser Osric in his union viewing the princess as anything but a desirable wife - titled or not.
Ashara Ashara
Cousin - Only a few years younger, Ashara is an ideal cousin and someone Ellia is quite fond of. While she does not always agree with the younger Princess' lack of control over her temper, she does admire Ashara's adventurous spirit. In earlier years, Ellia harbored a modicum of jealousy over her cousin's fortune at being considered for a match within Dornian borders over foreigners. Yet time and all of Ashara's misfortunes with regards to marriage and family have long since extinguished that flame. Now, she remains supportive and forever saddened by such deep losses and pain inflicted upon her kin.


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