Character Details
Jessica Stam
Jessica Stam as Elionys Targaryen
Name: Elionys Targaryen
Aliases: Ellie
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Great Noble Lady
Age: Feb 2 104 (17)


Tall and willowy, this Targaryen stands at five-foot-nine with a slender frame and long limbs that once made her gangly, but now gives her a graceful air. She has the alabaster skin and violet eyes that her family is so known for, along with long, silvery-blonde hair that when left loose is to her hips, but is usually pinned up in intricate styles.


Elionys (E-Lee-Oh-Niss) Targaryen is the one of the younger daughters born to Aerion and Elaena Targaryen, hale and happy as an infant, it wasn't until the girl was six years old that she had the first incident. A fit of some kind while playing with her siblings and numerous cousins in the Red Keep, frightening everyone present, especially her mother who desperately feared for her daughter's health. In spite of appearing to be in relative perfect health between these incidents, her mother's concern only grew, and what was at first welcome attention from one parent soon became cloying, smothering, and restrictive. The periods of confinement after a fit were as frustrating as the illness itself, and made all the more stifling when her mother began to treat the girl as though she were a fragile thing that might shatter if not handled delicately enough. It was against her mother's wishes that her father brought in another girl, a Celtigar of similar age, to be fostered with the family in the Red Keep, with the intention of being a companion for the young Targaryen.

Friendship didn't blossom immediately, not for a lack of trying on Elionys' part, but Nerissa seemed frightened of her, in part due to the stern, dire warnings issued frequently by her mother. In time, though, fear began to abate and in it's place grew a solid friendship between them. Where Elionys was sweet and warm, if a bit reserved, Nerissia was bold and adventurous, helping to coax the girl out of her rooms to go on made up adventures within the Red Keep.

These sources of normalcy, her friend, her father, her Uncle Aerys, and even Aevander, her cousin and penpal in Dragonstone, helped to shape her into the stronger woman that she is today. Though as she grew stronger, her mother fell further into the madness, which came to an abrupt and terrible end when she burned herself to death in her own bed, believing that she would survive and be made stronger by the fire. She did not. A hasty attempt was made to cover it, claiming it was an accident, a toppled candle too near the bed, perhaps, but the servants of the Red Keep knew better. Few dared say it to the family, but rumors whispered behind hands carried the story enough that it went down as another case of a mad Targaryen, rather than a tragic accident.

The silver lining amid tragedy was Elionys suddenly finding the restrictions she had lived beneath for so many years suddenly lifted, and soon began to make plans to go elsewhere. Anywhere else. It wasn't until she heard that her cousin Aevander had gone there that she decided upon Oldtown, and with her fathers reluctant permission, she left, bringing a huge wardrobe and a handful of people, those among them her favored guard Riderick, and hear dear friend and handmaiden, Nerissa.

RP Hooks

King's Landing Targaryen: Are you from King's Landing? Spend time in the Red Keep? I might know you!

Charitable: Elionys can be found in the poorer parts of town from time to time, maybe she helped you? Maybe she didn't help you, and helped an orphan instead! Always with the orphans.

Blood of the Dragon: Do you love the Targaryen family? Hate them? Somewhere in between? Want to tell a Targ what you think of them?


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Sheltered
  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Chatterbox
  • Secret Keeper

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