Character Details
Laura Carmichael
Laura Carmichael as Elinor Tyrell, née Costayne
Name: Elinor Tyrell, née Costayne
Aliases: Elli
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Hightower
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Aug 18 102 (18)


Blonde locks with a slightly reddish shimmer frame a face with hazel brown eyes that stand a little too close, complementing a long aristocratic nose and a broad mouth that is curved into a slightly nervous smile; a face that in its very singular character gives away the noble blood that has been mingled in a long tradition of marrying amongst cousins.

Elinor is shy indeed, her expression mostly that of a deer that is persued by a pack of wolves. It has been her bane to grow up in the shadow of a younger sister who has outshined her always, in both looks and personality. Where it not for the face, she would indeed be called comely, the hourglass physique of her sister Isabella being echoed in her own.

Dark violet sammit covers her slender frame, a dress with long dagged sleeves, plain but elegant, with a silver thread embroidered at the hem of her modest decollete. Wound about her waist is a sash of silver, held together by a silver clasp with flowers etched onto it. Her sandy blonde hair has been worked into waves that fit about her head like a helmet, braided at the back and twisted into the form of a snail that is held in place by silver needles.


Elinor is the second child of Lord Aidan Costayne and his wife of House Flint of Flint's Finger, the first child being her three year older brother - the heir, and she has that gorgeous little sister Isabella, a true delight to all who know her. Much in contrast to Bella's sparkling personality, Elinor will be taciturn mostly around people she doesn't know, especially males.

Her insecurity has its origin in her childhood, especially the last five years, where she has been repeatedly picked at by her cousins, first and foremost her older cousin Horrin of House Flint of Flint's Finger. She has been called horsefaced and worse, yet rumor has it that Horrin himself cornered her once in a room, possibly due to a morbid interest he had taken in her person. Horrin might have had more in mind, but whatever that may have been, it was thwarted in time, by the arrival of Elinor's trusted Septa Justaine. What Horrin managed though was to grab Elinor and force a kiss from her, an event which has instilled a certain wariness in Elinor's way of dealing with men in general, henceforth avoiding them whenever possible. At times the memory of the incident haunts her in her sleep, even today.

Being much less outgoing than her sister Isabella, Elinor has developed a thorough interest in the healing arts and an urge to help others, a possibly unusual addition to her other, proper occupations such as needlework, reading and occasionally a bit of hawking, besides a variety of other accomplished skills such as music, singing, dancing, a bit of cyvasse. She has recently found her love for gardening. In the manor of her father there is a spot set aside just for her to plant herbs and a variety of vegetables in.

Recent Events

One might suspect Elinor will be hard to marry off, given her rather plain looks. So it may come as a surprise indeed, that she has been betrothed just recently - FOR A SECOND TIME! Her father must be a master of negotiations, for not only did he manage to bring about the first betrothal to Ser Axell Tarly, but also he dissolved it quite smoothly (okay not meeting with much resistance from the Tarlys, to be honest), in FAVOUR OF A BETTER MATCH!

After some months of betrothal to Ser Greydon Tyrell, Elinor and he were wed on June 24th in Costayne lands at Three Towers. Now, after a brief honeymoon trip to Highgarden they have returned to Oldtown.

RP Hooks

  • Needlework, Gardening and Reading - are the things that Elinor usually occupies herself with.
  • Betrothed Twice - A curiosity in itself, considering her rather plain looks.
  • Empathic Nature - Anyone who has experienced problems or hardships, either physically or emotionally will always find an open ear in Elinor. She is a good listener, and very prone to sympathy.
  • Married to a Tyrell!


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Insecure
  • Cautious around men
  • Horsefaced
  • Warm-hearted

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Sister - My sister is such a paragon of beauty and charisma, I can hardly keep up with her. She has never treated me ill, though.


Husband - I still keep asking myself how father was able to manage. A Tyrell? Handsome and polite? I certainly could have done worse. Alas, he could have done better.


Acquaintance - Lady Emila Oakhart I found to be such nice company despite her being from Dorne, in fact, I believe she has a hard time here at Oldtown, with probably little happiness to be gained from her marriage. I am eager to learn more about her, as she seemed as grateful for my company as I was for hers.


Former Betrothed - Ser Axell Tarly is rather blunt really when it comes to certain things. I had my doubts how I would fare with him, to be honest, when I learned of our betrothal. But thank the Seven it was dissolved. Not because of my looks, but because father had worked out a better match for me - unlikely as it sounds.


Almost Good-Brother - Ser Tironos Tarly is a intriguing contradiction, being a tall knight that has studied at the Citadel and earned himself three links of the chain. He was polite when I met him at the Maidenday Gardens, and we spoke about my betrothal to his brother which he was not aware of. I hear he has married very recently, and I wish him all the best.


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