Bloody but Unbowed
Mads Mikkelsen
Mads Mikkelsen as Egil Pyke
Name: Egil Pyke
Aliases: The Broken Bastard, The Serpent Who Sails
Faction: The Iron Islands
Organization: House Volmark
Occupation: Sailor, The Bloody Banner (formerly)
Rank: Bastard
Age: May 7 85 (36)


This is a broken man. He stands at a broad six feet, but his movements are tired. His toned arms hang heavily at his sides, carrying on them the weight of truth and hard years. His face is thoroughly beaten, so much so that his left eye has healed closed, a deep scar carved into it. Another prominent scar runs along the outside of his right eye, looking much like a hook. His hair is mostly black, though it's peppered with hints of grey, no doubt from stress. His face is partially obscured by the unkempt salt and pepper goatee that surrounds his mouth.

He's wearing a hearty grey tunic upon his frame beneath a rugged black leather jerkin. The jerkin is adorned in various places with metal plating, but they are mostly centralized around his neck. On his legs are a pair of simple black leather trousers that are tucked into his boots. Around his waist is a leather sword belt that carries his short-handled axe. The only thing seemingly out of the ordinary is a pendant that he wears around his neck that bears the sigil of House Volmark.


Egil's history is a long and sordid tale of pain and suffering. Born to Lord Volmark and a smallfolk leather worker, the silver spoon was snatched from his mouth in an instant. First born of the Volmark line but not acknowledged as such, the young man had to grow used to being called 'Pyke'. Often ridiculed for his uncertain heritage at a young age, half-Volmark he remained and made sure to correct his naysayers with swift, unchecked fury.

His formative years are mired in turmoil, the passing of his father and the rising to power of his younger full-blooded noble of a brother Sylas left him to quickly fall by the wayside, especially in the eyes of Sylas' kraken mother. And so rather than face her scorn any longer, he turned to the sea and to his gods.

He became a reaver, paying the iron price for every breath he drew from that moment on. He was good at it, too; becoming a prized member of many a captain's crew. And so, for many long years, this is what he did, even after his brother was ushered from the throne by the krakens.

Several years passed and many shores and ships were raided, cementing Egil's reputation as a formiddable foe. He found solace in it. He didn't have to cowtow to any lords, he didn't have to attend balls and face the judgement of his betters. No, the only people he had to prove himself to were his brothers in arms.

But, much like all good things, this too had its end. He found himself employed on the ships of the pirate Hawke. The Bloody Banner took a turn for the worse and ended up sinking itself in the waters off of Oldtown. Thrown to and fro, bloodied, sick and twice drowned, Egil's fate was surely sealed. But alas, the Drowned God had other plans for the man. He was saved. Dragged to shore, stitched back together, and the water drained from his lungs; he was left a mere shell of the ferocious, feared reaver that he was once was. But he was alive.

RP Hooks

Are you a medical professional who wants to figure out just exactly how Egil's still alive?

Maybe you're an Iron Islander with a fancy last name? Perhaps you'd like to ridicule Egil.

Are you gathering forces for an expedition? Egil has a reputation as one of the fiercest reavers to ever sail the sea. Well, he did before he died.

Are you a fellow follower of the Drowned God? While all followers are drowned at birth, Egil's one of those special few who has survived a second drowning. A rare sight indeed, even among Iron Islanders.


  • Scarred - He was handsome at one time. He's not now.
  • Stoic - Once he was a ferocious, angry man, but since his death and resurrection, he's found a new outlook on life. A quiet, intense outlook.
  • Broken - His body is left battered after the wreck of the Bloody Banner. It's not clear if he'll ever fully recover.
  • Twice Drowned - He was dead. He's not, now.
  • Wealth: Middle Class - He's far from a rich man, but he managed to literally 'carve' out a decent amount of coin from his time as a reaver and pirate.

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Captain - Captain of the Bloody Banner and Egil's commander.


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