Character Details
Edward Speelers
Edward Speelers as Edwyn Lannister
Name: Edwyn Lannister
Aliases: None
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Lannister
Occupation: Noble Heir & Squire
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Oct 21 103 (18)


A young man in his mid to late teens who stands at exactly six feet tall. His golden hair and features mark him as a member of House Lannister. Locks of dark gold frame his face and ears, stopping halfway past his ears and at the base of his neck. The rather thick locks of hair have the gentlest of waves to them. Where it can be seen his skin is smooth, unblemished and naturally tanned a light golden hue. Thin golden brows sit above almond shaped eyes of a dark storm grey with hints of blue to them. A long pointed nose leads down to full and slightly wide lips. A strong squared jaw rounds off to a point at his chin. He doesn't seem to have grown even the slightest hint of facial hair yet and his features make him appear quite regal, almost like a knight from a storybook. A long slightly thick neck leads down to broad shoulders and a young body that practically ripples with muscle and strength. He dresses well, in the latest of the more practical Westerlands fashions in clothes made from the finest materials. He almost always carries a longsword with him and a times he will also carry a shield with the crest of House Lannister of Lannisport on it. He carries himself well but there is a subtle hint of uncertainity in his movements and his gaze has an oblivious quality to it rather than the cunning sharpness of most noblemen.


Edwyn Lannister was born as the first son to the Lord of Lannisport, Jayden Lannister. Jayden's wife was Karren Reyne and it was her beauty that passed onto thier children Edwyn included. Edwyn was firstborn and he had two younger sisters born before his mother could have no more children due to her health. Edwyn was the only son and heir to his father's land.

As Edwyn grew it became obvious the young man was not the sharpest sword in the weapon rack but he certainly could handle a sword better than he could a book or a pen. Edwyn never got the subtle hints or insinuations that he was slow but he was hard working honorable sort and that endeared many to him. When he asked his father if he could become a knight he father squired him to a Reyne Knight who was one of his mothers older brothers.

Ser Carver was an old battle hardened knight who took the too pretty Lannisport heir out of pity mostly. Of course the old knight would never admit it but Edwyn showed a great deal of promise. Unfortunately Ser Carver died of a fever when Edwyn was seventeen. His father had been planning a trip to Oldtown for some time now and took his now depressed heir along in hopes that another knight could be convinced to take him on as their squire Edwyn went along hoping and praying to the Seven that he could indeed find someone to continue his training.

RP Hooks

  • Seeking a Knight: Edwyn's former Knight Ser Carver Reyne was an old man and he died before Edwyn came to Oldtown. Edwyn wants to finish his training and is currently searching for a new knight.
  • Easily Manipulated Lannister: Want an influential ally who doesn't know much about politics and who you can rather easily manipulate into aiding you. Edwyn may be that person. He has money and is an Heir but he has no talent in politics and could easily be swayed by someone who he thinks he can trust.
  • Unmarried: Want to marry the young rich Heir to Lannisport? Edwyn's Lord Father is looking for a suitable match for his son. Edwyn would be a very doting and loyal if slightly dense husband. Arranged marriage drama is very welcome!


  • Wealth: Opulent: Despite being from the Lannisport branch of the family Edwyn is still a Lannister and therefore has a good deal of money to spend.
  • Storybook Knight Looks: You know those stories about dashing knights that rescue fair maidens? Well Edwyn looks quite a bit like he just stepped out of one of those stories. His appearance draws all kinds of attention from admirers to people that think he can't fight because he looks too pretty.
  • Loyal to Friends and Family: Insanely loyal, Edwyn is the type that would gladly sacrifice himself for his family or friends. He is trusting of those close to him and will do most anything to make them happy.
  • Honorable: Following a knights code of honor Edwyn takes his honor seriously and does his best to act chivalrous and respectful to all he meets. He is the sort to defend those who cannot defend themselves and protect the weak. He doesn't revel in senseless killing or violence but he realizes that sometimes violence is the only way to solve things.
  • Easily Manipulated: One of his main failings is his trusting nature. Edwyn is not really smart enough to detect deceit or tell when someone is out to get him. He is oblivious and very easily led around by more cunning individuals.
  • Not the Brightest: He is definitely not the sharpest sword in the weapon rack. Strong and handsome he may be but intelligent he is not. He can read and write but numbers give him a headache and don't even think about expecting him to remember something important.

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Business Partner and Friend: Edwyn has had a couple dealings with Prince Dhraegon. He likes the Prince and would be glad to call him friend. They have a business venture going that has Edwyn's father pleased even though Edwyn doesn't know the exact details of it…only that it involves a ship and trade. Either way the Prince is excellent company in Edwyn's eyes.


Possible New Knight: The Maiden's Knight sparred with Edwyn briefly and invited him to meet him in the next morning. Edwyn hopes that maybe he can convince the man to take him as a squire. Edwyn likes Ser Daevon so far finding him to be very skilled but also kind enough to praise Edwyn's own skill.


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