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Clive Owen
Clive Owen as Edmund Lonmouth
Name: Edmund Lonmouth
Aliases: Ned
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Lonmouth
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Oct 24 91 (30)



The late Ser Harrold Lonmouth was his father's fourth son and lacked the marriage prospects of an heir or scion of substance. Despite his pecuniary woes, Hal Monmouth was a formidable warrior in his salad days. What's more, the Knight of Skulls and Sighs was renowned for his skill with the lute and his singing voice, these attributes ensured that Hal had his pick of lords' nieces whilst his martial acumen and singing voices endured. Harrold's first wife bore him one son, his second wife two more. Within a year of his second wife's death, Hal Lonmouth wed a third maid, Lady Morena of House Dondarrion, a coquette who had already instigated one scandal, when she was found in states of undress with a well-known wastrel of the Marches.

Within a month of the marriage, the Stranger began to dog the aged Hal Lonmouth. Lady Morena's husband developed a bad bladder, but despite his physiological woes, Hal had no trouble getting Morena with child. The last of Hal Lonmouth's waifs was named Edmund in the sight of the Seven Gods. The child favored his mother, brown eyes and black hair. Some commented upon the striking resemblance between the infant Edmund and Morena's mother: a salty Dornish maid of House Wyl. A few of Hal's fellows and erstwhile goodbrothers suggested that the boy might not be his son; Edmund bore little resemblance to the fair-haired knight of Skulls and Sighs. Hal Lonmouth did not live long enough to investigate said aspersions. He died of a bad bladder within three months of young Ned's birth.

Matron and mother returned to Blackhaven, where the waif came of age sparring with Lord Dondarrion's sons. At thirteen he killed a brigand in a ranging, at fifteen, young Ned won a squire's melee and earned the ire of Lord Dondarrion for soundly thrashing three of his sons. Rather than a knighting or tourney honors, young Ned's victory necessitated a departure. His mother found him a position with in Oldtown, as a squire her then paramour, Ser Robyn Flowers, a knight with a reputation as for brutality and deviancy.

Perhaps it was the indignity of serving as a bastard's squire, or perhaps the shame of seeing his mother as a bastard's mistress. Some of his associates have speculated that the impetus was beatings tendered to mistress and squire by Ser Robyn. Whatever the impetus, young Ned embarked upon a regimen of martial and scholarly study. At sixteen, the boy left Robyn Flower's service. At seventeen he earned a name by bringing the thumb of a prominent cut purse to the then Captain of the Oldtown's watch. He rose through the ranks of Oldtown's watch, earning his spurs at Seventeen after recovering two a maiden of house Pryor and her Septa after maid and chaperon were taken on the Roseroad by a cadre of rapacious Brigands.

The path of Ned's ascent has not been unilateral. Though he walks the streets of Oldtown by day, he frequents her salons and theaters by night. One of his liaisons, with a young Rosalind Redwyne, formerly of house Fossoway, caused a scandal. The aggrieved husband challenged Ned to a duel. Ser Edmund accepted and toyed with the gallant Ser Humfrey Fossoway for the better part of an hour, "peeling the apple", he called it. Then, he cut the man down, with all of the detachment of a crofter cutting wheat. This scandal, as much as Ned's response, has cemented his reputation as a knight possessed of martial skill and a dark sense of humor.

RP Hooks

  • Finger Dance: Ned picked up the custom from an Ironborn oarsman on a passage to Tarth. He's always down for a game of five finger fillet.
  • Oldtown's Finest: Ned is an officer of the Watch. If you need someone beaten or intimidated, and you have the coin, look no further.
  • Rake: Maybe Ned has cast aspersions upon your family's honor or perhaps you need someone to besmirch the honor of another family.
  • Superfluous Brothers: What's more, Ned has Superfluous uncles. If you're a sellsword or blackguard trying to make your way in the world, he might be able to use you.


  • Fourth Son of a Fourth Son
  • Southpaw
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Morbid Sense of Humor

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